Top 10 Shows Like The Witcher You Should Check Out

Top 10 Shows Like The Witcher You Should Check Out

The Witcher Season 2 has ended and fans of the game and the series were more than pleased with it. Season 2 seems to have redeemed the misfires of Season 1 and we finally saw characters like Geralt become meatier and more prominent.

If you’ve binged this show already, you know Season 3 is a long way from now. I know you can’t get enough of the genre, so here are 10 shows like The Witcher you can watch next.

1. Game of Thrones

Well, I don’t even need to sell this one to you. There’s a good chance many of you have already watched this epic franchise. If you haven’t, you’re probably someone who doesn’t watch popular shows or someone who thinks they will be disappointed due to the hype it has already created in your mind.

Top 10 Shows Like The Witcher You Should Check Out
Game of Thrones | Source: IMDb

Well, I’m here to say that you should definitely give this series a shot without all the noise or the hype. The world and the characters built embody philosophies and themes which are quite grounded in human reality, despite this being a fantasy show where kings and queens fight for power. So check it out, if you already haven’t.

P.S. It’s true! The show does get multiple times better from Season 4 onwards. That doesn’t mean that Seasons 1 to 3 were not good. They were incredible.

2. Castlevania

Top 10 Shows Like The Witcher You Should Check Out
Castlevania | Source: IMDb

If you google this show and look it up on Reddit, the threads will be filled with nothing but praises. People have applauded this show for using anime-style animation and delivering the same writing quality as an actual anime.

A fantasy series about vampires, otherworldly beasts, and so much more where the protagonist tries to save a besieged city. Like The Witcher, even this series is inspired by the titular video games and it sure does make up for a fine cinematic version.

Look out for some of the action sequences as the choreography and the frames will blow your mind with their symbolism. A true work of art that shouldn’t be missed.

3. The Last Kingdom

Top 10 Shows Like The Witcher You Should Check Out
The Last Kingdom | Source: IMDb

The Last Kingdom brings the Saxon Stories to life and is perhaps one of the most underrated series ever. Compared to Game of Thrones, this show is much more fast-paced, stylized, and hence can appeal to the masses in a much more effective manner.

Essentially you would need lesser patience to watch this magnificent series, and take my word, you won’t be disappointed.

The show is about Vikings, Norse Invaders, and kingdoms, amidst which a man who was born as one kind but raised by another, tries to reclaim his birthright.

4. Vikings

Top 10 Shows Like The Witcher You Should Check Out
Vikings | Source: IMDb

Vikings is a show that has always been compared with The Last Kingdom, and while both of them are great shows, Vikings focuses more on Norse mythology. Furthermore, Vikings follows tropes similar to Game of Thrones. It is a slow-burn show with tinges of fantasy and has an expansive narrative.

Overall, Vikings is a show you must watch when you feel more patient and in the space to absorb more things from a show.

5. Galavant

Top 10 Shows Like The Witcher You Should Check Out
Galavant | Source: IMDb

Galavant might be a little different from the rest of the shows on this list. While its themes are quite similar to others, the storytelling format isn’t. The show has a fairytale-like vibe to it and to add to this, it is a musical.

Galavant follows a very Arthurian Legend-like theme where a man called Galavant sets off on a quest to reclaim his reputation and the future he sure deserved.

People have called this one of the most underrated shows in recent times and have lauded it for accomplishing a great plot with the musical comedy format.

6.   Ragnarok

Top 10 Shows Like The Witcher You Should Check Out
  Ragnarok | Source: IMDb

If you’re a fan of MCU’s Thor, then this is going to be a whole new experience altogether. It is yet another show that focuses on Norse mythology but adds the element of teenage drama to its rather serious and profound telling of the Norse gods, their powers, and tales.

The Norwegian show has some brilliant acting performances that will keep you entertained throughout. One of the best parts of this show is despite adding the young adult element to the show, it doesn’t diverge too much towards the classic tropes that we usually see in young adult stories.

7. The Tudors

This history-based fiction surrounds the tale of King Henry VIII and his various facets as a young, fierce, lustful, and power-hungry ruler.

The show is less fantasy-like and will feel more like an elaborate period drama with similarities to shows like The Crown in terms of the way it approaches the entire genre of kings and queens.

The Tudors Season 4 (2010) | Official Trailer | Jonathan Rhys Meyers & Henry Cavill SHOWTIME Series

Natalie Dormer from Game of Thrones plays a crucial role in this series and those who wanted to see her in a much more significant role can finally be thrilled by the display of her acting prowess.

8. Shadow and Bone

Top 10 Shows Like The Witcher You Should Check Out
Shadow and Bone | Source: IMDb

This fantasy adventure series is based on the novels of the same name and makes up for a less profound but immensely entertaining watch. The show can be considered for commercial viewing when you don’t want to put your mind through too much.

It stars Ben Barnes from Punisher in one of the lead roles and you can’t stop gazing at his dreamy eyes. But while you’re at it, don’t forget to miss the incredible acting he can do just with those eyes.

Maybe it’s because I’ve seen Punisher first, but that sinister feeling just doesn’t seem to go away from his eyes even when he’s doing good things.

Before I divulge too much information, watch that show, if you’re not in the mood for too much depth or vastness in the story and characters.

9. Carnival Row

Top 10 Shows Like The Witcher You Should Check Out
Carnival Row | Source: IMDb

Starring Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne, this show is set in the Victorian Era and shares aesthetics similar to Penny Dreadful. In this fantasy series, a detective and a fairy try to solve unprecedented murders by a monster.

The show has gothic aesthetics with dark tones and intricate architecture, and will instantly immerse you in its world.

While the show isn’t as profound as the earlier shows mentioned on the list, it is like Shadow and Bone where you can watch content that is not too heavy. It is adventurous and will keep you engaged all throughout, but wouldn’t make you ponder over it once you’re done watching.

10. His Dark Materials

Top 10 Shows Like The Witcher You Should Check Out
His Dark Materials | Source: IMDb

His Dark Materials is another show adapted from the books and is a fantasy show. The author of the books is Phillip Pullman who has written books like The Golden Compass which also has its cinematic adaption.

His Dark Materials follows the same traits as the film considering it’s by the same author. However, the show is much more engaging and has some great world-building involved. It is also one of the few shows that isn’t exactly profound but still leaves you with something that you would remember for a long time.


These are some of the best shows similar to The Witcher which you can enjoy until its Season 3 drops on Netflix. Since it is going to be quite a while before that happens, I have a few honorary mentions that you can watch if you’ve watched the above-listed shows.

  • See
  • Penny Dreadful
  • Spartacus
  • Merlin

Each of these carries a different vibe and even if you watch them back to back, you wouldn’t feel like you’re watching the same things all over again.

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About The Witcher

The Witcher is a fantasy drama on Netflix which revolves around Geralt of Rivia, a semi-mortal monster-hunter, Yennefer of Vengerberg, a powerful sorceress, and Princess Ciri, whose destiny is tied to Geralt. Their different lives converge in the finale of the first season.

The series is based on Andrezj Sapkowski’s book series of the same name. Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra, Freya Allan star in the show.

Season 2 follows Geralt of Rivia, who is convinced that Yennefer died at the Battle of Sodden. Geralt brings Princess Cirilla to Kaer Morhen to keep her safe. With the Continent’s kings, elves, humans, and demons battling for supremacy outside its walls, he must protect Ciri from her own mysterious powers inside.