Andy Serkis’ Kino Makes a Stunning Exit at the End of Andor E10

Andy Serkis’ Kino Makes a Stunning Exit at the End of Andor E10

Episode 10 of Andor showed the sacrifices made to overthrow the Imperial Galactic Empire and had us bawling in tears by the end of the episode. And while Cassian and Luthen’s sacrifices may have moved us, it was Andy Serkis’ last performance as Kino that had our tear ducts working overtime.

Andy Serkis’ Kino was introduced to us only a few episodes ago, Cassian’s fellow prisoner and floor manager on Narkina 5, but after episode 10, we’re sure you’re as much of a fan of Andy Serkis as we are. Serkis delivered a stunning performance as the Kino became the voice of the tortured prisoners who finally found the courage to speak up.

Andy Serkis' Kino Makes A Stunning Exit at the End of Andor E10
Cassian and Kino

The episode detailed a prison heist, teased at the end of episode 9, and how Cassian won over Kino to his, to their, cause, created an uprising overthrowing the facility’s guards, and setting the prisoners free.

But nothing comes for free, and the cost of every other prisoner’s freedom was Kino’s life. Serkis’ Kino had been a model prisoner all his sentence, a well-oiled cog in the broken justice system. But when he finally realized that he was already dead if he stayed there after witnessing Ulaf’s euthanization, Kino’s eyes opened to his fate, thanks to Cassian.

Andy Serkis' Kino Makes A Stunning Exit at the End of Andor E10
Andy Serkis as Kino Loy in Andor

He rallied his fellow prisoners to take over the reins of their lives and ride to freedom, but in the final moment, where he could taste the free salty air outside the facility, Kino saw his fate was sealed. To escape the prison in the middle of the ocean, the prisoners would have to swim to the nearest land.

But Kino froze in disbelief and shock, realizing he’d never be free, and why? 

Because the prisoner who had finally understood the injustice he faced and decided to stand up against it could do nothing but stare in bewilderment as it registered, he couldn’t swim and thus would never escape to his freedom.

Cassian may have been the one with the plan, but the hero of Narkina 5 will always be Kino, who fought for the freedom of his fellow prison mates only to be left behind himself. Andy Serkis’ moving performance during his speech and Kino’s tragic end deserve much honor and recognition – and damn if we don’t give it up for Andy Serkis!

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