Are Master Chief and Makee connected as the Blessed Ones?

Are Master Chief and Makee connected as the Blessed Ones?

In the earlier episodes of Halo itself, we knew that Master Chief and Makee were the Blessed Ones who could activate the Halo. This is evident because every time John touches the artifact, a surge of energy is released, and he gets flashes of memories from his past.

Besides him, Makee is another person who can supposedly activate the Halo. This is why she’s abducted from her home planet by the Covenant army and now serves the Prophets. Another reason that drives her to seek the artifacts and the Halo rings is that a UNSC soldier had killed her friend.

In Halo Episode 5, we see the Covenant attack Eridanus II because Makee senses the second artifact. She gets a signal when John touches the artifact and releases a surge of energy. In Episode 6, it becomes much more evident that the two are connected, and this connection is explored in Episode 8.

But how and why are Master Chief and Makee connected, and does this connection last?

Master Chief and Makee have the same anomalies in their gene, and they are two in a billion. In Episode 8, the two begin to trust each other and even sleep together. Post this, Makee seems to have a special bond with John until Dr. Halsey manipulates her.

In an interview, showrunner Steven Kane mentioned that Master Chief and Makee’s connection to the objects is the “core thread of the show.” Although he doesn’t reveal any further, he mentions how they share certain similarities.

Are Master Chief and Makee connected as the Blessed Ones?
Chief and Makee | Source: IMDb

On one hand, John, aka Master Chief, has always been this person who didn’t belong to the UNSC. We see him as an outlier right from Episode 1, and he feels pretty alienated amongst the scientists, soldiers, and bureaucrats.

On the other hand, even Makee is an outsider to the Covenant and doesn’t feel like she belongs there. This can be inferred from the book she has in her hand in Episode 1. The book belonged to her friend who got killed by the UNSC soldier. This shows that a part of her misses her friend.

In Episode 6, we see John having a conversation with Makee. She tells him how the two are connected as the Blessed Ones. She also mentions how the keystones show them happy images and disturbing ones.

The Prophets taught her this by giving her smaller stones and taught her not to fight them but embrace them. As a result, the stones can be servants to the Blessed Ones.

When Master Chief decides to touch the artifact again, he sees numerous images, and his body goes through seizures. However, what’s fascinating is even Makee goes through the seizures like John.

It surges to a breaking point, after which both of them are transported to a higher plane. The two see each other and also around them. It looks like a paradise with sunlight, plants, and flowers. But when they look above them, they see the Halo ring, which could mean that they are standing on them.

After this, both their vitals come back to normal, and they are in perfect sync with each other. So, the two are connected, but we don’t know why and how. While Episode 8 doesn’t answer these questions, it further explores their connection. The two sleep with each other, after which Makee seems to question her allegiance with The Covenant.

She is touched by how John feels about humanity having some good remaining in them and his logic about how the two people who can communicate with artifacts/keystones are humans. However, all of this goes to waste when Dr. Halsey tries to manipulate her and sends the remaining Spartan soldiers after them.

What makes the situation worse is Miranda discovering Makee’s deeds and how she had killed the entire ship of UNSC soldiers in an earlier episode. The security captures her and even tases her as she tries to escape.

Are Master Chief and Makee connected as the Blessed Ones?
Makee | Source: IMDb

This brings back her childhood trauma, and all those feelings of rage and vengeance are reinstated. Whatever she felt for Master Chief goes up in smoke. When the Admiral tells her that she’ll pay for her betrayal, she retorts with a vicious, ‘No! You will!’

She then touches the artifact, sending a surge of energy around the UNSC facility, and meets John once again on the Halo ring. Here, she bids him goodbye, and the episode ends.

This sets the stage for Episode 9, the season finale, and we will most likely see an all-out battle between The Covenant and the UNSC, as the former tries to destroy Planet Reach and secure the second artifact.

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