Atwell Discloses Character Details and Stunts from Mission: Impossible 7

Atwell Discloses Character Details and Stunts from Mission: Impossible 7

The Mission: Impossible franchise is set to return with its two final installments, packed with high-tech espionage and daredevil stunts: Dead Reckoning Parts 1 and 2.

After suffering ongoing delays due to the COVID-19 situation, the movies are expected to open in theaters in 2023 and 2024.

A recently released trailer showed Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt caught in a dilemma he has often faced in these films—he must decide whether to follow his own conscience or the orders of his government. Although this time, judging by the film’s title, it could be deadlier.

Atwell has been working on the project since 2019. In spite of her vast dramatic experience, she has some action credentials and is widely known for her role as Peggy Carter in the MCU and the series Agent Carter.

Atwell Discloses Character Details And Stunts From Mission: Impossible: 7
Atwell and Cruise | Source: IMDb

Prior to this, little information was revealed about Atwell’s character or her affiliation to the IMF crew, except that her character’s name was Grace. However, Atwell has now shared some more information with fans at the Awesome Con audience Q&A.

While she had previously been described as a “destructive force of nature” by director Christopher McQuarrie, Atwell presents a more nuanced picture.

Check out what the actress had to say about Grace and the stunts she performed for the movie:

“She’s a joy to play. She’s mischievous, and she’s playful, and she holds her own with [Ethan] and there’s an element of, a kind of comic element to it, which is great, which we haven’t seen as much of in Mission before this, it has a different tone to it.

And in terms of stunts, I learnt how to drift in a race car… Backflipped over a bridge, jumped off a…jumped backwards off a moving train, um, a lot of running uphill in high heels while handcuffed to Mr. Cruise. Um, that’s all I will say.”

Grace’s relationship with Hunt remains a mystery as many plot details are still under wraps.

Her involvement may even be linked to Hunt’s ex-boss Eugene Kittredge, as Henry Czerny returns to the franchise for the first time in over 20 years.

Atwell Discloses Character Details And Stunts From Mission: Impossible: 7
Atwell and Cruise | Source: IMDb

From Atwell’s description of Grace as playful and mischievous, the relationship between her and Hunt appears to be based on banter.

Combining that with the absurd nature usually associated with characters chained to each other in movies means that their relationship may also have a romantic element. In the trailer, Ethan and Ferguson’s Ilsa appear more romantically entangled than ever. If true, that could serve to drive a wedge between them in the film.

Atwell is involved in a variety of stunts of a strikingly intense nature, to say the least. Atwell praises Cruise’s “generosity of spirit” in the Q&A, recognizing his dedication to making the franchise the most thrilling experience possible for audiences.

However, despite Cruise’s legendarily fast run, that’s not the most formidable thing he’s facing when Atwell keeps up with him while handcuffed to him, running uphill, in heels. Let’s see how Tom Cruise would do in heels.

Whether Grace turns out to be a foe or a friend to Hunt, it will be a delight to watch Atwell perform her stunts alongside Cruise when Mission: Impossible 7 hits theaters.

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