Billions S6 EP1: Chuck Finally Gets a Win, But an Underwhelming One

Billions S6 EP1: Chuck Finally Gets a Win, But an Underwhelming One

Billions is back with an early premiere of Season 6! You’d think that now that Chuck has taken down Axel (well, that victory is quite debatable), he must’ve set his sights on Prince, who has taken over Axel Cap.

But Chuck is not in the mood to show his cards—he doesn’t go for Prince’s throat and let’s face it, Prince hasn’t done anything shady yet to warrant Chuck’s scrutiny. But when Prince offers a ceasefire in an episode rightly named “Cannonade,” Chuck declines that as well. 

So what exactly is Chuck cooking up?

In Billions Season 6 Episode 1, Chuck refuses Prince’s offer of a truce. Back in his country home, Chuck has a bad run-in with a new neighbor, billionaire Melville Revere, who has been shooting canons for fun. But Chuck ultimately has the last laugh.

Let’s go back to the beginning. The show opens up with Chuck on a tractor with a posse holding pitchforks and lanterns. As medieval as that sounds, just wait till you realize they’re on their way to take down a billionaire who’s been firing cannons for fun. (Yes, in this day and age!)

Chuck is taking a break from his duties as the New York Attorney General and has retired to a nice, countryside home, where he is seen farming. But Revere has been rattling him up to no end.

Chuck tried to be civil and politely asked Revere to stop his firing. When that didn’t work, he tried to rally the town. As much as they dislike Revere, they point out he’s too financially powerful to succumb to the common folk.

This, perhaps, lights a familiar fire in Chuck’s heart. Here’s where his wits kick in—he figures out that a creek that runs across both his and Revere’s property is an ideal habitat for an endangered turtle species.

The turtles aren’t there, but if they were, Revere would be forced to stop firing. So of course, Chuck finds a way to get the endangered turtles into their shared creek.

And thus, we go back to the (medieval) scene at the beginning of the episode: Chuck with the townsfolk, media pouring him, and Revere caught in the accusation that his cannons may cause a turtle species to go extinct. 

Chuck takes this opportunity to make a fine speech as well, saying that it is billionaires like Revere who have forced him to step down from being an Attorney General, as he has more power to take them down as a private citizen.

Chuck may be vying to be the common man’s advocate and take down more billionaires through a public initiative. If this does not portray how seriously Chuck takes his witch hunt, there are five seasons of Billions to remind you. This may also give us some clue about Chuck’s plans in Season 6.

Revere’s tale may not yet be over since he is also one of Mike Prince Capital’s investors. Something tells me that Chuck and Revere will butt heads once again, if not more than that!

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Billions is an American drama created by Brian Koppelman, David Levien, and Andrew Ross Sorkin. The series is set in financial centres based in America.

The series follows hedge fund manager Bobby Axelrod (Damian Lewis), as he accumulates wealth and power in the world of high finance. The series premiered on Showtime on January 17, 2016.