Will Blake Become a Senator in Dynasty Season 5?

Will Blake Become a Senator in Dynasty Season 5?

Dynasty Season 5 picked off right from season 4’s finale events. Fallon got shot, Eva went to jail, and so did Alexis. Beto was present with a gun, but Eva beat him to it before he could take his shot.

But amongst all this, we forgot what the gala was all about – Blake’s run for the cabinet position as the senator. Straight off the bat, season 5’s dual premiere confirmed everything that was going around Fallon’s injury and also Blake’s campaign.

Will Blake Become a Senator in Dynasty Season 5?
Blake | Source: IMDb

While Liam and Fallon’s relationship is a conversation for another day, let’s talk about Blake, his massive ego, and his run for the cabinet position. It all boils down to whether Blake will become a senator in Dynasty season 5?

Blake is dropping out of the senate race and doesn’t want to cabinet position since he can’t be the people’s person. He only cares about his business and getting the land to build his airport from the lieutenant governor, who would willingly hand it to him considering, Blake’s still in the lead in this race.

Now, that was a lot of information to wrap your head around, but let me give a quick recap for those who watched the episode.

Blake was overwhelmed with the negative publicity he received due to the shooting incident at the gala. The press held him responsible for not having enough security and deemed him unfit to run for the Senate race.

Will Blake Become a Senator in Dynasty Season 5?
Blake in Dynasty | Source: IMDb

With all these developments, Blake’s PR agent orchestrates a false incident at a public restaurant where Cristal is almost choking, but Blake saves the day by saving her. However, this move backfires as the focus goes to the victim, i.e., Cristal.

Blake then gives an interview where he talks about family, loss, and what people mean to him. All of which is false information and a way to gain sympathy from the media. Of course, this does get him into the good books of the media reporters.

While other circumstances unfold, which I won’t be getting into considering you already know them, it all comes down to Blake having an epiphany.

Now, when a man with a huge ego realizes he has a big ego, he still strokes his ego by praising himself for admitting it, which is ironic. Either this message was intentionally put by the writers, or I might be reading too much psychology.

Either way, Blake realizes that he no longer wants to be the people’s person and doesn’t want to run in this Senate race he’s been chasing after for so long. Mind you; he’s in the lead. Still, the circumstances such as Beto causing too much trouble, Fallon being in a coma, and a myriad of other scenarios make him realize that he is still an old-fashioned business person at the end of the day.

All he wants is a land where he can build his airport, and he would be getting it from the lieutenant governor, considering he’s still leading the race.

Will Blake Become a Senator in Dynasty Season 5?
Blake | Source: Fandom

So all-in-all, in the spirit of the holidays, Blake has had a change of plans, and he wants to stick to what he knows best – business and doesn’t want to become the senator.

However, Dynasty is a show filled with twists and turns at every point. Although they might be too forced and be there just for the sake of it, they still jump into new plotlines quite quickly.

One interesting thing to note is that Beto found a woman who looks a lot like his sister Cristal and plans to leverage her to get back at Blake and Cristal. Is there some way she made Blake drop out of the race directly or indirectly? Well, I know this is mere speculation, but we’ll know more in the upcoming episodes.

Dynasty season 5, episode 3, is set to release on 11th March 2022, and I can’t wait to see how the stories of various characters unfold.

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