Writer Rhett Reese Reveals Details on Deadpool’s Entry into the MCU

Writer Rhett Reese Reveals Details on Deadpool’s Entry into the MCU

We finally have some details on the long-awaited debut of the R-rated Deadpool in the family-friendly MCU.

Rhett Reese, one of the writers of Deadpool 3, talked to Post Cred Pod and dished on just a few lines of story details on how the antihero would fit in the MCU.

Calling it a “wonderful” fish-out-of-water story, it seems like the satirical, edgy, witty Deadpool will have a gala time in the very sane Marvel universe.

Deadpool’s charm is in the antihero’s crazy murderous adventures, erratic personality, cursing, and most importantly, the ability to flawlessly break the fourth wall.

Since the reveal of the MCU bringing Blade and Deadpool into their multiverse, the question of how the first two would survive in a family-friendly movie has been at the very top of fans’ minds.

While we have tried our best to answer it (with enough proof), Reese’s comment suggests that Deadpool would eventually keep his charming characteristics.

Moreover, one thing confirmed for ardent Deadpool fans is that the third installment will not compromise on quality and style and will definitely be R-rated.

Reese had previously shared that Marvel is pretty open and supportive of their R-rated ideas and jokes in an interview with The Playlist. He said that they were going to “let Deadpool be Deadpool.”

“They’re (Marvel) not gonna mess with the tone. I mean, I’d never say never, I guess there’s an outside chance, but we’ve always been told it can be R-[rated], and we’re proceeding as if it’s R. We would like it to be R, we always have, so I don’t think that’ll change.”

He added the differences in work culture but reiterated the support he and co-writer Paul Wernick had received. He agreed that some jokes might be slashed for going out of the boundary, but it has not been the case yet.

“We were used to doing things our way, so there are differences, but I think the great part is that Marvel’s been incredibly supportive. They are gonna let Deadpool be Deadpool, you know? It’s not like any particular joke may be the one that they say, ‘you know, that’s too far,’ that could happen, but to this point, it’s been nothing but support.”

Rhett Reese Reveals Details on Deadpool’s Entry in the MCU
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Meanwhile, there are already speculations of Chris Hemsworth’s cameo in the threequel with Thor.

With very little detail about Deadpool 3 out, it will be exciting to see how things turn out when the Merc with a Mouth finally enters the MCU.

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