Dexter: New Blood Season Finale: Recap and Ending Explained

Dexter: New Blood Season Finale: Recap and Ending Explained

Dexter and Harrison put an end to Kurt Caldwell and return to their cabin to find it in ashes. The local community comes to their aid and Dexter appreciates all that Iron Lake had offered him. Angela acts on her growing suspicions towards Dexter when she discovers the titanium rod in the remains of Dexter’s cabin. Dexter breaks out of jail, but Harrison changes his mind about joining him. We bring you the latest updates!

Dexter New Blood Season Finale: Ending Explained

Dexter meets up with Harrison at the spot they found the white buck. At this point, Harrison is accepting of who Dexter is and the fact that he kills people who are a danger to others as an outlet for his own dark passenger. Dexter tells Harrison to grab his stuff but he stops dead in his tracks when he sees blood on Dexter. He asks whose blood it is and whether Dexter killed Logan, his high school coach – a man who took care of Harrison on several occasions and had a meal with him just the previous night.

Dexter: New Blood Season Finale: Recap and Ending Explained
Dexter | Source: IMDb

This causes Harrison to confront the possibility that perhaps the ‘code’ isn’t as Black and White as Dexter made it out to be. He starts to get angrier and catching his father in this lie reminds him of the betrayal he felt every day because his father chose to abandon him. What initially starts as a rift caused by differences in moral judgment, turns into Harrison telling Dexter that perhaps he deserves to be caught and given the death penalty after all he’s done. He tells Dexter that his dark ‘passenger’ is actually in the driver’s seat and Dexter enjoys the fact that it completely controls him. He believes his father is abandoning him again and picks up the rifle Dexter gifted him for Christmas and points it at him.

Dexter: New Blood Season Finale: Recap and Ending Explained
Dexter: New Blood | Source: IMDb

Harrison’s words cause Dexter to remember everyone in his life that got hurt because of him, because of who he is – he remembers Rita, his Miami PD captain, and finally Debra. The guilt of it overcomes him and he asks Harrison to remove the safety from the rifle. It becomes clear to both of them in that moment that this was the only way out. Harrison shoots him in the heart. As Dexter falls to the ground, he believes this was the first time in his life he’d felt the expression of love.

Angela shows up moments later, clearly in shock, gives Harrison some cash, and tells him to leave town. She shows him mercy because she didn’t want him to continue to suffer the consequences of his father’s actions. Harrison drives away after reading the letter Dexter wrote to Hannah. The letter reiterates that Dexter believed Harrison was better off without him. However, growing up away from his father wondering why he was abandoned only fuelled the dark passenger within Harrison.

While some fans are furious to see their beloved protagonist meet such a tragic end, some believe Dexter dying on his own terms was a righteous ending he deserved. That being said, it’ll be interesting to see how the story unfolds for Harrison, who will continue to grapple with his own dark passenger but also having learned from his father’s mistakes, might take a different approach going forward. Showrunner Clyde Phillips has expressed he’d love to explore Harrison’s story further in a new season.

Dexter New Blood Season Finale Recap

The episode starts in the aftermath of the fire at Dexter’s cabin. The community comes together to help him and Harrison salvage whatever is left of their belongings. Later that day, Angela arrests Dexter for the murder of Matt Caldwell while he’s at her house. At the station, she questions him and video records to use later in court. She shows him the titanium rod used to fix Matt’s fracture that was found in his fire pit.

Dexter: New Blood Season Finale: Recap and Ending Explained
Dexter: New Blood | Source: IMDb

Dexter points out that all of that could just be circumstantial and evidence planted by Kurt to frame him. Angela later gets in touch with Detective Batista of Miami PD who tells her that Dexter was suspected of being the Bay Harbor Butcher. She sends him a picture of the two of them together and Batista tells her he’s heading to Iron Lake with all the evidence he has.

When Angela brings up case files of the Bay Harbor Butcher, Dexter tells her to turn off the camera. He tells her about the bodies in Kurt’s hidden basement and Angela rushes out to investigate since the missing girls’ case was her life’s work. She finds almost 30 bodies, including Molly’s and calls for backup. In the meantime, Dexter breaks out of jail and plans to meet up with Harrison so the two of them can escape.

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