Dexter New Blood Ep 2 Still Proves Death Can’t Stay Away from Him

Dexter New Blood Ep 2 Still Proves Death Can’t Stay Away from Him

The Dexter revival show Dexter: New Blood released new stills for Episode 2, titled Storm of F*ck. The episode will finally see the most looked forward to family reunion—an adult Harrison meeting up with Dexter, the father who abandoned him.

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The newly released images show the father-son duo wearing layers of clothing and walking around in the snow. Along with them is Sergeant Logan, investigating what definitely looks like a crime scene. However, we are not shown who it is—did someone kill off a deer? Or is it an actual dead human body?

The second still shows Dexter walking in the woods with his backpack, looking at a trail left behind in the snow, all confused. The title of the episode, in this sense, seems apt.

Check out the stills from DexterDaily below:

Dexter New Blood Ep 2 Still Proves Death Can’t Stay Away From Him
Dexter: New Blood | Source: Official Website

We also might see Dexter’s serial-killing urge rising after the scene, as it might be a trigger for him to fall to the dark side again.

Set 10 years after Dexter’s Season 8 finale of 2018, New Blood is a limited miniseries consisting of ten episodes only. The Dark Passenger has also returned, this time, being Debra Morgan, played by Jennifer Carpenter.

Dexter Morgan seems to have his life sorted out in the woods as sales associate Jim Lindsay. Until his long-abandoned son, Harrison (Jack Alcott) visits him. He also has a new love interest—Angela Bishop, the Chief of Police.

You know what they say, keep your friends close, and your enemies closer—a phrase Dexter has been religiously following from the start. From a forensic analyst to now a sales executive, what does life have in store for him?

Dexter New Blood Ep 2 Still Proves Death Can’t Stay Away From Him
Michael C. Hall as Dexter | Source: IMDb

Michael C. Hall’s return as the fan-favorite serial killer/anti-hero in Dexter: New Blood no doubt has everyone excited.

Dexter: New Blood will premiere on November 7, 9 PM ET on Showtime.

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About Dexter

Dexter is a cult classic crime drama series that first aired on Showtime. The show’s first season was derived from the novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter (2004), the first in a series of novels by Jeff Lindsay. It was adapted for television by James Manos Jr., who wrote the first episode. Subsequent seasons evolved independently of Lindsay’s works.

Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) is introduced as a serial killer who kills other killers who have escaped from, or haven’t been found by the justice system. By day he is a blood spatter analyst who works for the Homicide Department of the Miami Metro Police.

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