Does Raoul Die in Lupin? Who Saves Raoul in Lupin?

Does Raoul Die in Lupin? Who Saves Raoul in Lupin?

Lupin part 2 basically picked up exactly where Part 1 left us.

Raoul (Etan Simon) getting kidnapped by Leonard left us all wondering what happened to the kid. As expected, part 2 answers all those questions you and I had.

The first two episodes of part 2 involve a frantic search for Raoul and quite some action to save his life. But what came out of it? The episodes answered all our questions and there are going to be spoilers ahead.

Lupin part II reveals that Raoul actually did not die in the car which Leonard set on fire. He was saved by detective Youseff Guedira right on time.

Did Raoul Die in Lupin?

Raoul, Assane Diop’s son was kidnapped by Leonard in the end of Lupin part 1. Part 2 begins with Assane and his partner Claire looking for Raoul, who has simply disappeared.

With the help of Youseff Guedira, who had witnessed Raoul’s kidnapping, Assane managed to track Leonard and Raoul down. But things were not going to fall into place so easily, come on!

While Assane searched frantically for his son after beating up Leonard and throwing him out of the window, the viewers see that Raoul has been trapped in the boot of a car which Leonard sets on fire.

Does Raoul die in Lupin? Who saves Raoul in Lupin?
Raoul | Source: Fandom

So the makers lead us to believe he died, considering his desperate screams from the car. When Assane finally discovers the car, it is already in flames. So obviously he assumes that Raoul is dead and so do we.

But episode 2 brings in another twist and reveals that Raoul is not dead. It turns out that Detective Youseff Guedira heard Raoul’s screams from the burning car at the right moment and pulls him out, saving the boy’s life.

So bottom line is that Raoul is safe, but not yet out of danger. The detective took Raoul to Dumont. Guess what? He had no idea that the police commisioner, Dumont was actually Pellegrini’s puppet.

Who Saved Raoul?

Youseff Guedira heard Raoul’s screams from the car which Leonard had trapped him in and set on fire. But he pulled Raoul out at the right time and saved his life. At this time, Assane was inside the house searching for his son.

In fact, Youseff was also the one who saw Leonard force Raoul into his car and drive off with him. He informed Assane and Claire about what he had seen.

Does Raoul die in Lupin? Who saves Raoul in Lupin?
Youseff Guedira | Source: IMDb

Assane and Guedira manage to track down Leonard, where Assane knock the kidnapper off and he is pushed out of the window. So much for laying a hand on Raoul!

But despite all of that, Assane does not find Raoul in the house where they had tracked Leonard. On top of that, he saw the car burned up into ashes and assumed his son was gone too. But all of this is resolved in the next episode.

In episode 2, we see Assane quite disturbed about his son’s alleged death, when Youseff reveals to him that no one was found in the boot of Leonard’s burning car.

This is when we get to know that Raoul is actually life and was saved by Youseff and is now with Dumont. Assane kicks up a plan and reports a fake robbery to Dumont, to get a chance to rescue his teenage son.

Will There Be a Part 3?

Lupin Part 3 is on the way according to the official website of the show. It will release in two parts, like Season 1 had a part 1 and 2.

Does Raoul die in Lupin? Who saves Raoul in Lupin?
Lupin | Source: IMDb
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About Lupin

Lupin is a French mystery thriller television series created by George Kay and Francois Uzan for Netflix. It is a retelling of the classic French story about Arsene Lupin, the fictional gentleman thief created by Maurice Leblanc.

The main cast includes Omar Sy, Shirine Boutella, Ludivine Saugnier, Clotilde Hesme, Soufiane Guerrab and Herve Pierre among many others.

The show follows Asanne Diop who inspired by Lupin, takes on the iconic persona to exact revenge for his father who committed suicide after being wrongly accused by a wealthy family.