Disney’s Planet of the Apes Proposes Hope for a New Trilogy 

Disney’s Planet of the Apes Proposes Hope for a New Trilogy 

Disney hopes to revive the Planet of the Apes movie franchise with director Wes Ball, of Maze Runner fame, at the helm. 

The new film could be the green light for a new trilogy to the 20th Century Franchise. Before Disney acquired the studio in 2019, 20th Century had made $1.6 billion collectively with the three films released in the 2010s. 

Disney’s Planet of The Apes Proposes Hope For A New Trilogy
Caesar | Source: Fandom

Thus, it is no surprise that Disney has made the move for a resurrection of the film series directed by Rupert Wyatt and Matt Reeves. 

The upcoming film will not be a full reboot but a continuation of the 2010s Planet of the Apes Universe. After the cancellation of his Mouse Guard adaptation, Wes Ball has been spending his time entirely on the making of Planet of the Apes 4. 

The script, as claimed by the 20th Century president, is almost complete, and casting will start soon. This sets a probable release date for 2024 while keeping in mind the time frame for the VFX production. 

Recently, Deadline reporter Justin Kroll has disclosed that Wes Ball has dropped the ball on Paramount’s Harbinger to focus on Planet of the Apes. His tweet also states that Disney is keeping an eye out to cast someone who can “hopefully lead future installments of the new trilogy of films.” 

More news about the film can be expected to follow after this, but they’re keeping audiences in the dark for now. 

Andy Serkis, who voiced the intelligent ape Caesar in the previous three films of the reboot series, has previously shown interest in being involved in another project. Question is, will he return as Caesar or a whole new character? 

Disney’s hopes of starting a new trilogy following Planet of the Apes 4 are not based on mere belief either. The franchise’s previous fame itself is enough to invest in this project and expect a hit at the box office. 

Disney’s Planet of The Apes Proposes Hope For A New Trilogy
Planet of Apes | Source: Fandom

Though, currently, only speculations can be made, since no plot details have been disclosed. But based on the ending of the War of the Planet of the Apes, audiences can expect a sort of remake of the 1968 film. 

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About Planet Of The Apes

The Planet Of The Apes series is a movie franchise under the sci-fi genre. The original series directed by Franklin J. Schaffner was released in the 1970s with the first film releasing in 1968. The film series was rebooted in 2011 and was followed by two subsequent sequels in 2014 and 2017. A fourth film has been in the talks since.

The film series follows the story of world where humans and a race of evolved apes having the same level of intelligence as the human race fight for the control of the planet. The film series has achieved much acclaim amongst critics for its story surrounding racial issues and animal rights and its amazing visual effects.

The reboot series was taken over by Rupert Wyatt for the first film, following Matt Reeves for the other two films. The film starred Andy Serkis who voiced Caesar, the ape that went on to lead a tribe of enhanced apes. James Franco, Freida Pinto, and Karin Konoval also starred. 

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