All About Esme and Tommy’s Deal: Does she get the gold?

All About Esme and Tommy’s Deal: Does she get the gold?

Season 6 of Peaky Blinders has been garnering mixed reviews from fans for while. Things do not look good for Tommy at all, especially since he just lost his daughter Ruby to tuberculosis.

At the end of Season 6 Episode 3, it is revealed that Ruby is dead, just after Tommy tried to do all he could to find the cure for Ruby’s illness (or curse, as he likes to believe). He even ended up consulting Esme, the ex-wife of John Shelby.

In you recall, after her husband died back in Season 4, Esme cursed Tommy and Arthur Shelby for her own misfortunes and her husband’s death. Besides, Grace’s death due to the curse associated with the sapphire she was wearing also had a terrible impact on Tommy.

Naturally, he was convinced that Ruby’s fatal illness is due to some curse, most likely the one by Esme. However, Esme explained that the actual reason is a little different. But in return, she asked for Tommy’s gold.

Esme did get her desired amount of gold dust from Tommy. Though it was not explicitly shown, in all probability it was Esme who revealed Evadane Barwell’s location to Tommy. In episode, Tommy ends up shooting Evadane and hands over the gold to Esme.

Why does Esme want the gold?

First of all, whatever Esme explains to Tommy is just Esme’s version. There is no confirmation about this gibberish whatsoever. Nevertheless, since she is a gypsy she probably knew about the business of others of her kind.

All About Esme and Tommy’s Deal: Does She Get the Gold?
Esme | Source: IMDb

According to Esme, Ruby is ill because of the sapphire curse, once again. The sapphire that killed Grace was actually with Evadane Barwell, who in turn gave it to her sister Navadni Barwell. Navadni made her own daughter wear it, which lead to her death. So, she again ended up cursing Thomas and Ruby.

Thus, Ruby’s illness was because of Navadni Barwell’s curse. After hearing this, Tommy asks Esme where the Barwells are. Esme says she is ready to reveal the location but in exchange for gold dust.

To sum it up, Esme just wanted to sign a deal with Tommy. If Tommy wanted her help, he had to pay her with gold.

Does Esme get the gold from Tommy?

Yes. In season 6 episode 4, Tommy hands over some gold dust to Esme, after having shot Evadane Barwell. Since in episode 3 Esme only agrees to reveal Barwell’s location to Tommy in exchange for gold, we can connect the dots to assume that she revealed the location to Tommy.

All About Esme and Tommy’s Deal: Does She Get the Gold?
Esme | Source: IMDb

However, the gold business is not over as yet. In episode 4, Esme reveals to Tommy that he has a long-lost son, Duke. Duke was born to Zelda, a woman Tommy had been with before he left for the war.

Zelda is now dead, but she gave birth to Tommy’s son who is still alive. Esme tries to tempt Tommy by promising to bring Duke close to Tommy using her spells, if he gives her more gold.

Tommy is now at a vulnerable stage, where he has just lost his daughter Ruby. So, this is the perfect time to take advantage of his emotional situation for extracting more gold from him for Esme, which is precisely what she has been doing.

Though Tommy does pay her for revealing Evadane Barwell’s location, we do not yet know if he takes up the follow-up offer and pays her more gold.

Will Tommy give Esme more gold?

Tommy might end up giving Esme more gold.

First of all, Tommy is in a vulnerable state of mind after Ruby’s death. The prospect of being able to be close to his own son or the chance to bond with him may seem quite tempting to him.

All About Esme and Tommy’s Deal: Does She Get the Gold?
Tommy | Source: Fandom

Secondly, Tommy seems to be trusting Esme despite the history. Otherwise, he would not have particularly searched for her when he wanted to know about the curse on Ruby. He also paid her gold once for helping him.

So, I think there is a high chance that he might do it again. We will find out pretty soon in the next episode.

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