Will the death of George Sr. be depicted in Young Sheldon?

Will the death of George Sr. be depicted in Young Sheldon?

Since The Big Bang Theory has established a few key details about Sheldon’s life, certain storylines in Young Sheldon are predetermined. One such storyline is Sheldon discovering his father’s affairs and not being able to resolve those feelings as George Sr. dies a year later.

As a witty sitcom that is family-friendly most of the time, the death of a major character seems too dark a tone for the show. So, will Young Sheldon depict his death? If yes, when can we expect it to happen?

As per the timeline set in The Big Bang Theory, George Sr. dies when Sheldon is 14 years old. This is expected to be portrayed in Young Sheldon Season 7. 

In contrast to the picture painted in TBBT, Young Sheldon’s George Sr. does come across as caring and genuine—so, anticipating his death is no easy affair. Still, if you have more questions, I’m here to answer them.

When exactly will George Sr. die?

Will George Sr’s death be depicted in Young Sheldon?
Mary and George Sr. | Source: IMDb

George Sr. dies when Sheldon is 14. As of now, we’re midway through Season 6, where Sheldon is still 12. However, it has been confirmed that he and Missy will be turning 13 by the end of the season.

Keeping that in mind, George Sr. may die in Season 7, after Sheldon turns 14.

Fans have been wondering how the show will handle such a grim arc. I believe it has been slowly easing into these not-so-jolly topics by dealing with plotlines such as George Sr.’s unanticipated heart attack, Mandy’s pregnancy, and even Mary’s emotional infidelity.

If Young Sheldon indeed ends at Season 7, there is also a small possibility that they may decide to wind up the story before George’s death and only mention it in an epilogue/voiceover.

What is the cause of George Sr.’s death?

TBBT doesn’t explicitly state the cause of George Sr.’s death, but it is attributed to health-related complications. This was foreshadowed in the S4 finale, where George suffered a heart attack.

Will George Sr’s death be depicted in Young Sheldon?
Brenda and George Sr. | Source: IMDb

As per older Sheldon, George Sr descends into heavy alcoholism, especially after his son discovered his affair. We’re still in the dark about whether Mary or the rest of the family knew about it. If the latter is true, it could explain why George felt the need to rely on alcohol.

If George’s health was already in a precarious condition because of his heart issues, heavy alcohol consumption would only have worsened the case. Ultimately, it is possible that George Sr. will die of another heart attack.

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