Does Master Chief die in the Halo season finale? 

Does Master Chief die in the Halo season finale? 

The Halo season finale was equal parts underwhelming and surprising. Fans of the game had expected the Covenant Army to attack Planet Reach, but the scenario completely flipped when John, aka Master Chief, along with other Spartans, landed on the Covenant planet itself. 

On their way to the planet, John and Cortana have a heart-to-heart. She tells him how Halsey, after identifying Makee as the blessed one, decided to eliminate John. After this, Cortana was supposed to take over his mind, body, and essentially his entire consciousness.  

When John asks her why she didn’t do that, she says that it would’ve been wrong. The AI is constantly learning, and the thought of simply destroying one’s identity against their will seemed incorrect to her.  

Does Master Chief die in the Halo season finale?
John | Source: IMDb

Things take a turn on the Covenant planet when the Prophets order the Zealots to attack the Spartans. The Spartans are easily overpowered, and after Riz and Vannak are down, John walks toward the Zealots without any cover.  

He orders Cortana to take over his body, find the Halo rings and win the war. So does John, aka Master Chief die? 

John, aka Master Chief, dies in the Halo season finale after being shot and knocked out by a Zealot. Cortana then takes over his body, and he comes back alive. However, his consciousness is not that of Master Chief but the AI.  

Here’s a quick recap of everything that happened. When Master Chief aka John reaches the planet, the two keystones are attached, and Makee touches them. As a result, a radial energy blast occurs, and a beam shoots into the sky.  

This beam transforms into a hologram of a map and consists of coordinates, slowly revealing the location of the Halo Rings. However, the Spartans interrupt this, and on their arrival, the Prophets summon the Zealots.  

Does Master Chief die in the Halo season finale?
Spartans | Source: Fandom

Master Chief’s focus is not merely on the battle at hand but also on Makee, with whom he had some form of real connection. She once again touches the keystone on seeing John, and the two are transported to the Halo ring. He asks her to let go, but she declines. She wants to stay here along with him.  

However, the keystone is too powerful for her and gets her killed. While this is happening, the other Spartans barely give the Zealots a fight, who seem to be continuously coming at them. When John sees Riz fall, and on the verge of dying, he decides to distract the Zealots by getting their attention on him.  

As his suit’s shields get breached, he taunts the Zealot by shooting at him. He also tells Cortana that she should take over his body after death. This is because he knows that she is much more efficient as a soldier than he could ever be with the humanity in him. So as a sacrifice, he willingly gets knocked out by a Zealot and dies.  

Does Master Chief die in the Halo season finale?
Cortana | Source: IMDb

In a few moments, Cortana takes over his body, mind, and consciousness, rescues Riz and the other Spartans, and also picks up the keystones. They then fly off from the planet. 

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