Does someone die in Peacemaker season finale?

Does someone die in Peacemaker season finale?

Peacemaker episode 8 was quite a spectacle. Before the episode had dropped, there were numerous rumors about possible character deaths and how the show would end.

While some speculated that Emilia Harcourt would die, considering she’s the lone wolf, others thought it would be Vigilante. Well, now that the episode is done, I have some non-debatable answers. But beware, the article is full of spoilers, so if you want to steer away, now’s your chance. Let’s get right into it.

1. Does Peacemaker, aka Chris Smith die in Peacemaker?

Peacemaker is one of the few characters who hardly sustained any injuries in all his fights throughout the season. By the end of the season, Peacemaker is very much alive and healthy. However, he is haunted by his traumatic past, and maybe we might see how he deals with it in season 2.

Does someone die in Peacemaker season finale?
Peacemaker | Source: IMDb

2. Does Leota Adebayo die in Peacemaker?

Leota Adebayo came close to dying once or thought she did in an early episode but doesn’t die in Peacemaker season 1. At the end of season 1, she’s sustained much lesser injuries than any other member. While some might mistake it for impeccable combat skills, she’s not a professional on-field agent and hence didn’t fight as much. But to her credit, despite that, she killed it while fighting all the butterflies.

Does someone die in Peacemaker season finale?
Adebayo | Source: IMDb

3. Does Emilia Harcourt die in Peacemaker?

Emilia Harcourt was pretty close to dying in the season finale but made it out alive. She was shot multiple times by different butterflies, but she was rescued thanks to Peacemaker and Adebayo completing their mission in time. At the end of season 1, we see her on the way to recovery.

Does someone die in Peacemaker season finale?
Emilia | Source: IMDb

4. Does Vigilante die in Peacemaker?

Keeping Vigilante’s lack of social skills aside, he’s a brilliant fighter and can turn literally anything into a weapon. In the finale, we do see him get shot in the hip, but like Harcourt, even Vigilante recovers to see another day.

Does someone die in Peacemaker season finale?
Vigilante | Source: Fandom

I. Does Economus die in Peacemaker?

Economus surprisingly doesn’t die in Peacemaker. Despite being a behind-the-desk agent, he’s the guy who took down Judomaster and the Gorilla. The latter was ripped into halves with a chainsaw. In the final fight, Economus does get injured but in a hilarious fashion. He trips over a wooden fence and breaks his leg. Besides that, he faces no other injury, and we see him get back to work by the end of season 1.

5. Does Murn die in Peacemaker?

Murn is the leader of Task Force X, but also a butterfly who defected his kind. In the penultimate episode, Murn sacrifices himself to save Adebayo and Harcourt. The Queen Butterfly who takes Detective Song’s body shoots Murn and then crushes the butterfly as well, thus killing the character altogether.

Does someone die in Peacemaker season finale?
Murn | Source: IMDb

6. Does The White Dragon die in Peacemaker?

Peacemaker vs. The White Dragon was one of the most sought-after face-offs in the entire series. Although the battle between them was far from gratifying, it ended up with The White Dragon dying at the hands of Peacemaker, his son.

Does someone die in Peacemaker season finale?
White Dragon | Source: IMDb

Chris couldn’t take his father’s toxicity anymore and ended up shooting him point-blank. However, the character returns as a figment of Peacemaker’s imagination in the season finale. Peacemaker doesn’t seem to be able to let of The White Dragon and his traumatic past. So we might see more of him in season 2 as well, despite the character being dead.

7. Does the Queen Butterfly (Goff) die in Peacemaker?

Another surprising end to an arc was that of the Queen Butterfly. When Peacemaker killed Senator Goff, he decided to capture the Butterfly instead of killing it. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Queen Butterfly managed to escape, took over Detective Song’s body, and summoned all the butterflies to save their kind.

Does someone die in Peacemaker season finale?
Butterfly | Source: IMDb

Towards the end, when it tries to convince Peacemaker to join their side, he simply shoots Detective Song but doesn’t kill the Queen Butterfly. So, the Queen Butterfly is alive by the end of season 1 but will likely die due to the lack of food.

These were all the major characters in season 1 besides Amanda Waller, who was barely present on the screen in the show. However, we might likely see more of her in other series/movies within the same universe, perhaps even in season 2 of Peacemaker.

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8. About Peacemaker

Peacemaker is a DC Extended Universe series that will delve into the past of the titular character, who’ll make his cinematic debut in James Gunn’s DCEU film, The Suicide Squad (2021). The character will be portrayed by John Cena, who will reprise his role in the HBO Max series.

Other cast members include Steve Agee, Danielle Brooks, Robert Patrick, Chris Conrad, and Chukwudi Iwuji among many others.

James Gunn will also helm the HBO Max series for its second season.