Dynasty Neatly Wraps up All Character Arcs and Makes a Grand Exit

Dynasty Neatly Wraps up All Character Arcs and Makes a Grand Exit

CW’s Dynasty finally concluded last week after wrapping up the story of the Carringtons and various other characters pretty neatly. In fact, the show brought back a really old character that no one expected to see. It was a shocking but pleasant surprise.

Considering that all characters got closure for their arcs, the number of plots and subplots to follow might have been overwhelming. So here’s a complete explanation of the series finale.

Dynasty series finale reveals that Steven is majordomo Graham. Fallon and Liam had a baby girl. Kirby and Amanda are together in London. Jeff released all his ideas on a public server. Culhane and Nina marry and move to Los Angeles.

They say, ‘All is well, that ends well.’ Dynasty’s series finale is a good example of that. A lot of things felt slightly rushed, and the introduction of Steven seemed like a twist that didn’t create enough shock value. After all, the character had last appeared in Season 2, and people only vaguely remember him.

Nevertheless, the finale was entertaining, as the creators had promised. Here’s a quick explanation of where all the characters ended up.

1. Adam and Steven

Majordomo Graham reveals his identity as Steven. He kidnaps Adam because he had kept him captive in a sanitarium on drugs. After Steven escaped, he confronted Adam and asked him to leave the Carringtons.

Dynasty Neatly Wraps Up All Character Arcs and Makes a Grand Exit
Adam and Steven | Source: IMDb

For those who don’t remember, Steven’s arc had ended in Season 2. As it turns out, Adam had manipulated him into thinking he was losing his mind. He then kept him in a sanitarium and paid the nurse to give him drugs regularly.

This way, he would never be alright and won’t come near the Carrington family. However, the sanitarium burned down and took the nurse with it. Steven escaped, and after the effects of the drugs wore off, he plotted Adam’s kidnapping.

As you’d expect, there was a face-off between the two. In the end, Steven warned Adam never to show his face to the Carringtons again. Adam is seen living in London with a fake identity as a veterinarian. This way, their arcs ended.

2. Fallon and Liam

Fallon saved her company from Ellen with the help of her family. She and Liam had a baby girl who they named Lauren Morell Carrington-Ridley. Liam published a new line of children’s books after being inspired by his daughter.

Dynasty Neatly Wraps Up All Character Arcs and Makes a Grand Exit
Fallon and Liam | Source: Dynasty (CW)

Fallon and Liam’s personal and professional lives have always intertwined. On some occasions, we see the worst possible ways they could affect each other. But there are also days when it helps the two get some clarity. The finale was more like the latter.

When Ellen tries to remove Fallon from her CEO position at Fallon Unlimited, she is in the middle of too many things. She reunites with Steve. Stacey goes into labor. Fallon, Liam, and Stacey get stuck in traffic. It’s all one huge mess.

However, everything works out well. They return home, fly a doctor to the Carrington house and deliver a healthy baby girl, Lauren Morell Carrington-Ridley. When the entire family celebrates this moment, it sparks an idea.

With the support of her family, she gets her company back. All she does is get all her family members to buy the shares from the board members at double the price. This way, Fallon leaves a legacy she wished for her girl. The best part about this is that she renames the company Carrington United.

3. Jeff and Dominique, and Their Companies

Jeff and Dominique managed to start their own companies and finally become independent of any external issues. Jeff recruited people who could build something with his ideas, and Dominique put up her own store.

Dynasty Neatly Wraps Up All Character Arcs and Makes a Grand Exit
Jeff and Dominique | Source: Fandom

Jeff’s hard disk had leaked, and he decided to put all his ideas on a public server himself. This way, he’ll be able to see who can build on top of this in the best way possible.

Based on this, he could hire people to join his company. His plan becomes successful when we see him have a company.

On the other hand, Dominique opens her own store. Guess where it is? Right next to Alexis’ store.

4. Kirby and Amanda

At first, Kirby and Amanda broke up because Amanda moved to London for her job. However, after six months, when the two met each other, Kirby confessed how much she loved Amanda and decided to move to London with her.

Dynasty Neatly Wraps Up All Character Arcs and Makes a Grand Exit
Kirby and Amanda | Source: Fandom

Amanda and Kirby were already contemplating their relationship. The two had been on rocky ground for a while now, and their future looked pretty uncertain. So, it was no surprise that Amanda broke things off with her partner to move to London.

What made this decision worse was that Amanda’s new job came from her ex. It was heartbreaking for Kirby, but she had learned to encourage Amanda’s growth. After six months, she understood that she couldn’t be without her and was ready to move to London with her if that was the only way.

5. Alexis, Blake, and Cristal

Blake and Alexis find Dex. During this rescue, Blake, Cristal, and Alexis evolve as they understand each other better, learn to respect each others’ decisions, and realize that no matter what, they’re all one family.

Dynasty Neatly Wraps Up All Character Arcs and Makes a Grand Exit
Alexis, Blake, Cristal | Source: Dynasty (CW)

Blake’s dynamic with Alexis and Cristal has always been imperfect. But when Blake and Alexis go looking for Dex, there’s a major development in their relationship. Being amidst a rescue effort with no hope for a favorable outcome helps them evolve and develop mutual respect for each other.

Even Cristal realizes that Blake has gone into a risky and almost life-threatening place. This increases his value in her eyes. However, Dex is found, and things become alright.

6. Culhane, Sam, and Nina

Culhane and Nina marry each other and move to Los Angeles. Sam rekindles her relationship with Steven, and the latter guides her with the hotel business.

Dynasty Neatly Wraps Up All Character Arcs and Makes a Grand Exit
Culhane and Nina | Source: Dynasty (CW)

Culhane and Nina decide to marry, which means that the former has to leave Sam’s hotel business because the two will be moving to Los Angeles. This causes Sam to break down. The character had abandonment issues after her ex-husband left, so it was obvious to connect these two instances.

However, Steven comes to the rescue by revealing his identity to Sam and narrating what Adam did to him. This rekindles the sparks that the two characters once had, and Steven helps Sam with the business.

So, with this, we know exactly how the show ends and where all the characters end up. As I said, all is well that ends well.

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6. About Dynasty

Dynasty is a prime-time television soap opera based on the 1980s series of the same name. It follows the lives of the Colbys and the Carringtons, two of the richest families in America. Their children fight for control over the company’s fortune, and the show reveals the dark underbelly of backroom deals that shape corporations.

The story unfolds primarily through two women at war, Fallon and Cristal, who are the daughter and fiancée respectively of Blake Carrington, owner of the Carrington Atlantic.

Dynasty was developed for The CW by Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage, and Sallie Patrick.