Dynasty: The Truth about Alexis Carrington Losing Her Kids’ Custody

Dynasty: The Truth about Alexis Carrington Losing Her Kids’ Custody
SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Dynasty .

Dynasty’s Alexis Carrington is such a beloved character, that despite having had four actors play her, she continues to be a vital part of the show even in its current and fifth season. Clearly, fans cannot get enough of her!

Which is why it is surprising that we don’t see much of her in the first season of Dynasty. As per Blake, it was entirely her decision to lose contact with Fallon and Steven after the divorce.

But is that the whole story? And if yes, why did she leave her kids?

After the divorce, Blake bribed the judge in order to win sole custody over Fallon and Steven. He also paid off Alexis to let go of the custody and keep her distance from the kids.

Let’s get it clear: Alexis never wanted to marry Blake in the first place. She was forced into it by her mother because Tom Carrington promised to pay a lump sum amount for the union.

So, when their relationship ran its course and things between the couple went from sour to straight up unbearable, they decided to get a divorce.

Now, Blake being Blake would never let Alexis get the upper hand. So, not only did he bribe a judge to side with him during the custody battle for the kids, but he also paid off Alexis to stay away from them.

While it wasn’t entirely true when Blake told Fallon and Steven that Alexis had left on her own terms, she was actually content with walking away from the cash instead of continuing to fight for her kids.

Why do Alexis and Fallon have an unstable relationship?

Money continues to be a big motivator for Alexis. After all, her show-stopping introduction at the end of S1 happens only because she returns to claim the Carrington Manor that Tom had supposedly left to her in his will.

Dynasty: The Truth About Alexis Carrington Losing Her Kids’ Custodies
Alexis | Source: Fandom

Fallon’s view of her mother has already been tarnished by the false story that her father has fed her. So, when her estranged mother returns after years on end, for a house and not for her kids, it doesn’t sit well with the hot-headed Fallon.

You may wonder why Steven is not all that shocked or angry by this appearance. Turns out, he was actually in contact with Alexis for a while and was even trying to help her ease her way back in. Steven is someone who can easily (and sometimes, foolishly) believe the best in people, and his mother was no exception.

Dynasty: The Truth About Alexis Carrington Losing Her Kids’ Custodies
Fallon | Source: IMDb

But Alexis is no saint. She is enough of a volatile, narcissistic firecracker on her own, which means that her relationship with Fallon will continue to be precarious.

The good news is that while the mother-daughter duo have a lot of ups and downs to come, they will share some loving mutual ground from time to time.

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Dynasty is a prime-time television soap opera based on the 1980s series of the same name. It follows the lives of the Colbys and the Carringtons, two of the richest families in America. Their children fight for control over the company’s fortune, and the show reveals the dark underbelly of backroom deals that shape corporations.

The story unfolds primarily through two women at war, Fallon and Cristal, who are the daughter and fiancée respectively of Blake Carrington, owner of the Carrington Atlantic.

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