“Tommy Had a Terrible Temper,” Says Tom Cruise’s Ex-Manager

“Tommy Had a Terrible Temper,” Says Tom Cruise’s Ex-Manager

In an exclusive interview with Indiewire, Tom Cruise’s first and ex-manager, Eileen Berlin, shared that the Hollywood’s now highest-paid actor had an incredibly worse temper.

Cruise’s breakout arrived in the teen-movie Risky Business in 1983. Throughout the time the actor was a nobody to his worldwide recognition in Top Gun in 1986, Berlin stayed as his manager but also had to take up his tantrums.

Berlin shared multiple stories and never-seen-before photos with his first-ever deal negotiation terms. She also shared an incident that showcased the then-young actor’s temperament.

“Tommy Had a Terrible Temper,” Says Tom Cruise’s Ex-Manager
Tom Cruise | Source: Dailymail

After his breakout movie, the manager put together a photo album with the star’s newspaper articles as a gift for his birthday. Cruise allegedly ended up throwing the album at her face.

I presented him with an album with all his publicity articles from teen magazines for his 19th birthday. He screamed, ‘I don’t want to be in the teen mags’. He had told me he considered himself an adult, not a teen idol. He threw the album hard at me, and it hit me on the cheek.

Berlin believed the anger and the extreme urge to be a perfectionist in Cruise came from, allegedly, some fatherly issues.

Tommy had a terrible temper. He harbored a lot of anger at his natural father. He was moody and would get angry in a snap of your fingers. It was like something was smoldering, and it would boil up and explode. I put it down to his insecurity.

The ex-manager, now 86, also shared other stories of how the biggest Hollywood star was in his younger years. She described him as someone who was “very, very ambitious” and “very, very determined” to be an actor, someone who would obsess over his looks with an “intent on perfection.”

Berlin’s words aren’t the first time Cruise made headlines for his temper. The most recent controversy was him yelling at the Mission: Impossible 7 production crew over not following COVID regulations. He was also unhappy with Paramount’s decision of the theatrical window given to the movie.

“Tommy Had a Terrible Temper,” Says Tom Cruise’s Ex-Manager
Tom Cruise | Source: Daily Mail

Mission: Impossible 7 is now pushed to July 24, 2023, and Mission: Impossible 8 to June 28, 2024.

News Source: Daily Mail