This is How Neo is Resurrected in The Matrix 4

This is How Neo is Resurrected in The Matrix 4

How does Neo survive the Machine War? The short answer is that Neil Patrick Harris’ Analyst is all to thank for it.

When we meet Neo twenty years later, he is introduced as Thomas Anderson, the successful developer of the game trilogy, The Matrix. His business partner Smith (Jonathan Groff) informs him that Warner Bros has commissioned them to make a new sequel to the game. Meta!

However, Neo has stopped taking his therapist-prescribed blue pills that subdue his constant offbeat dreams and memories.

This is How Neo is Resurrected in The Matrix 4
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Then, he is finally approached by Bugs and Morpheus, who reveal to him the true nature of his world. Neo is reluctant to leave but he agrees to be extracted on account of his dreams. Upon waking up, he finds himself and Trinity in a separate pods, but is unable to wake her up in this instance.

In a quest to rescue Trinity, Neo, Bugs, and Morpheus go back into the Matrix.

While Smith, who is actually Agent Smith, appears to be their primary threat, Neo finds out there is another dangerous program at large — the Analyst, who has been masquerading as Neo’s therapist.

Like his name, the Analyst is a program that studies the human psyche and has grown more powerful even since the Machine War. Thus, the much more intelligent Analyst has replaced the Architect.  

When the Analyst saw Neo and Trinity dying at the end of the Machine War, he decided to save them to study why exactly the two had caused such a riot in the Matrix. For the same, he placed them in resurrection pods.

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Through countless simulations, the Analyst found that Neo and Trinity on their own did not harbor any special qualities to uproot the system. It was only when they joined forces that their existence threatened the Matrix. (Is this the infamous power of true love?)

The only way the Matrix could stay in balance is if Neo and Trinity are near each other but not make any contact. 

Of course, the Analyst did not succeed in preserving these conditions, otherwise he wouldn’t be having this chat with Neo.

Now that Neo, Trinity with her new powers and their crew are out and about to reform the Matrix, the Analyst better refer to all his study notes to figure out how to stop them!

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About The Matrix: Resurrections

The Matrix: Resurrections will serve as the fourth instalment to the American cyberpunk franchise The Matrix. It is produced, co-written and co-directed by Lana Wachowski who has written for the previous Matrix movies as well.

Keanu Reeves and Carrie Ann-Moss will reprise their roles of Neo and Trinity, respectively. Joining them is Jada Pinkett Smith as Niobe, Lambert Wilson as The Merovingian and Daniel Bernhardt as Agent Johnson.