John Wick Director Shares Wary Update for Ghost of Tsushima Movie

John Wick Director Shares Wary Update for Ghost of Tsushima Movie

PlayStation’s 2020 video game Ghost of Tsushima became that year’s top-selling game and has sold almost 10 million copies by 2022. John Wick director Chad Stahelski showed an interest in the game, struck a deal with Sony Pictures for a film based on the video game, and even added Takashi Doscher to the film as a writer.

But now, in an interview with Total Film (via ComicBook), the filmmaker shared a wary update for the film, stating the beginning period for production is unclear. Though the director also remained constant about “a really great script” and a “really good creative team behind it,” he cautioned audiences “it takes a lot of moving parts.”

You can read his full quote below from Total Film’s interview:

John Wick Director Shares Wary Update for Ghost of Tsushima Movie
Jin Sakai

[Ghost of Tsushima] would be my favorite to do next. Without going into crazy detail, it’s something I’m super interested in. We have a really great script. We have a really good creative team behind it. 

It’s just about getting all the business end of things locked in. It’s kind of in that little bit of flux where everybody is trying to tighten up the deal to get everything going and to make sure we do the best with it. It’s a simple thing: getting a great script and starting to put together a cast. It just takes a lot of moving parts.

Chad Stahelski

The movie was first announced in 2021 and secured Doscher as the writer in 2022, but the film’s development phase is still slow-moving. The movie entered pre-production with other video game adaptations, such as HBO’s The Last of Us and Sony Pictures’ Uncharted, but it has still not moved up.

John Wick Director Shares Wary Update for Ghost of Tsushima Movie
Ghost of Tsushima Game | Source: IMDb

Even though Stahelski’s statement cautions fans of the game not to put their hopeful eggs in one basket, the film could still make it out of development hell soon. There are no other notable updates about the film, but we’ll keep you posted.

About Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima is an upcoming American action-drama film directed by Chad Stahelski and written by Takashi Doscher. The film is based on the 2020 video game of the same name and is currently in pre-production.

Samurai warrior Jin Sakai, the last surviving member of his clan, must set aside the traditions that have shaped him as a warrior to wage an unconventional war for the freedom of Tsushima.

The film has not yet secured any cast members, but Jin Sakai’s voice actor Daisuke Tsuji is ready to play the character. The film hasn’t set a release date yet.

Source: ComicBook