Halo Ep 8: The Silver Team Turn Against Each Other  

Halo Ep 8: The Silver Team Turn Against Each Other  

A few episodes ago, when Kai was inches from death, John decided that saving his team member was more important than the mission’s success. But this decision surprised everyone because John would’ve previously never made such a move.  

What changed? It was John taking out his emotion pellet that restored his sense of feelings, including those of loyalty towards his team and doubts about Halsey’s intentions.  

While Kai follows John’s steps and takes out her pellet too, the rest of the Silver Team, Riz and Vannak, still have their pellet. This has already caused a huge rift in the team. 

In Halo Ep 8, John and Kai spar it out with Riz and Vannak, who are still under Halsey’s influence and orders. If Riz and Vannak take out their emotion pellet as well, there’s a chance they might join John’s side in Ep 9. 

Master Chief having a good relationship with his team was extremely vital in the games. So how will that play out in the show? 

Will the Spartans betray Dr. Halsey? 

Halo Ep 8: The Silver Team Turn Against Each Other
Spartans | Source: Fandom

To be fair, it’s not like any of the members are being vicious to each other or have ulterior motives. When we started off the show, the Silver team seemed to have respect for each other and worked well as a team.  

But of course, Halo complicated all of that when John began realizing there was more to his history than people were letting on. This led to him removing his emotion pellet and going through a range of feelings that he didn’t know existed. 

It was these feelings as well that made John dig deeper into his past and question all the lies Halsey has fed him. I would say his only folly has been that he hasn’t disclosed the information of how the Spartans were kidnapped to his fellow soldiers.  

Kai also took out her pellet, which has constantly made her question why her team members are blindly following orders. When push comes to shove in Episode 8, it spells out Riz and Vannak being the enemies.  

The big question is, whose orders will Riz and Vannak follow in Episode 9—John or Halsey? We see Riz hesitate to shoot John at the very end, which means that even with the emotion pellet, there is something urging her to reconsider Halsey’s orders.  

Halo Ep 8: The Silver Team Turn Against Each Other
Dr. Halsey | Source: IMDb

As Halsey waits on her ship, I have a feeling she’s going to realize that her Spartan program has failed her. I don’t expect either Riz or Vannak to immediately eat up everything John has to say (their personalities are quite tough and no-nonsense to do so), but I do think they won’t stand in his way either.  

Plus, I’m not sure if we will get a moment of them taking out their pellets, but I really can’t wait to see Riz and Vannak’s true personalities if they do.

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