Halo Ep 7: Kwan Ha Discovers a Mysterious Portal on Madrigal

Halo Ep 7: Kwan Ha Discovers a Mysterious Portal on Madrigal

After weeks of demanding for some serious Kwan Ha character development, Halo Ep 7 delivers with an episode entirely based in Madrigal, where even Master Chief appears in a cameo on his own show.

While we’re missing on the actual Halo action, it’s not for nothing as not only do we get Kwan Ha’s backstory but are also enlightened about her “purpose”—being a protector of a mysterious portal on Madrigal. 

In Halo Ep 7, Kwan Ha is deemed as the “protector” of a portal found on Madrigal. This portal could be the doorway to one of the rings in the Halo Array, mostly likely Alpha Halo.

Turns out the reason Kwan Ha’s dad was fighting for Madrigal’s independence (other than for the democratic value) is that his family has been entrusted to protect a mysterious portal.

Kwan Ha now bears the responsibility of being the “protector,” which has been passed down in her family from one generation to another. This role comes very close to that of the Monitors, the only difference being that they were AI equipped with more weaponry.

Where the portal will lead is anyone’s guess at the moment, though. There are plenty of portals found in the games, and the episode did not give us any clue about the one just depicted.

Halo Ep 7: Kwan Ha Discovers a Mysterious Portal on Madrigal
Kwan Ha | Source: IMDb

But if we take into consideration that Master Chief and Makee just had a vision of a Halo ring in the previous episode, then the most obvious connection is the portal may take them there.

After all, even Kwan Ha had a vision wherein her ancestors told her she may have to lead Master Chief to the portal. I have a feeling the two are about to reunite in the coming episodes.

Is Madrigal a Shield World?

Now many fans have been speculating that the show may have rewritten Madrigal to be a Shield World. What exactly is it? Simply put, a shelter that protects its inhabitants from the destructive powers of the Halo Array.

Halo Ep 7: Kwan Ha Discovers a Mysterious Portal on Madrigal
Halo | Source: IMDb

Another characteristic of a Shield World is that it is made in a way that does not attract the Flood’s attention. This is usually done by using more basic forms of power supply so that the Flood cannot detect advanced technological action.

In the show, Madrigal gets its power supply from the vast amounts of deuterium which could be the result of planetary fusion—a process that occurs so naturally in the universe that the Flood won’t blink an eye.

But while it is possible that Madrigal and Kwan Ha may be the game-equivalents of a Shield World and Monitor, it is also canon that the planet will end up getting glassed by the Covenant. Feast your eyes as you may not see it for long.

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