HBO Max to Launch an Ad-Supported Subscription Tier in Late 2021

HBO Max to Launch an Ad-Supported Subscription Tier in Late 2021

A less costly, ad-supported tier of HBO Max is going to be launched sometime in the latter half of the year. Ever since HBO’s streaming service debuted last year, an ad-supported tier was always on the cards. Now the company has announced that the package may debut in the spring of 2021. The new subscription package is an effort to stabilize HBO Max’s user count, which has seen a sudden increase in recent times.

HBO Max launched last May to a lukewarm reception and some confusion. HBO Go and HBO Now were incorporated into HBO Max to some users’ confusion and the platform was not available on either Amazon FireTV or Roku. The muddle led to HBO Max having a low subscriber count for a few months since its inception.

HBO Max to Launch Ad-Supported Service
A Still from Wonder Woman 1984 | Source: Warner Bros.

However, the streaming service has more than made up for it with content in recent times. Shows like The Flight Attendant and upcoming projects like the Game of Thrones spin-offs and the Harry Potter series had already generated some interest for the platform, and Wonder Woman 1984 became the cherry on top. Warner Media’s decision to put the movie on HBO Max on the day of its theatrical release raked in a record 41 million subscriptions for the service.

It is to capitalize on this increase that HBO Max has decided to add an ad-supported tier to its service. The package will cost less than the current subscription price of $14.99 per month- somewhere in the $10 range- but it is still unclear whether the subscribers of the new package will have access to all content.

Initial terms had suggested that the offer will carry a maximum of four minutes of ad per one hour of episodic streaming and two minutes per hour for movies, which is a lesser load compared to cable television. However, these terms may change by the time of its debut.

Warner Media has already made a ground-breaking announcement that all Warner Bros. films that will have a theatrical release will release on HBO Max the same day. The ad-supported package will only add to the platform’s appeal.