Heels S1 Finale: Spade Brothers Couldn’t Be Further Apart Right Now

Heels S1 Finale: Spade Brothers Couldn’t Be Further Apart Right Now

Heels season 1 finale was a satisfying ending to its story. The episode had various moments of Jack and Ace seemingly trying to bond and fix their relationship.

By the end, however, it is clear that the two brothers are in completely different places and couldn’t be any further apart.

We see Jack admitting to Ace that if he could, he would’ve done things differently. He then promises Ace the belt at the state fair’s main event. They even shake hands, and Ace wishes his brother good luck before the ladder match.

Heels S1 Finale: Spade Brothers Couldn't Be Further Apart Right Now
Ace Spade | Source: IMDb

Jack has grown up watching Ace have all his dreams laid out in front of him by their father. He may have purposefully tried to hold Ace back from leaving the DWL and wrestling in the big leagues because he was jealous.

But Jack tells Ace that it was only to protect him from the dangers of him drinking himself to death. However, Jack’s talk with Staci further confirms that he’s still putting all the blame on Ace being a jackass.

Heels S1 Finale: Spade Brothers Couldn't Be Further Apart Right Now
Staci | Source: Fandom

By the end, it seems as though Jack has accepted that he can’t always be there to help Ace fight his battles. Both the brothers are fine with Crystal winning the belt, however, their rivalry seems far from over.

Ace smiles at his brother in a snarky way while Jack still seems to be regretting the Kleenex stunt that he pulled. It really is like walking on a tightrope, deciding whether they will be able to mend their relationship completely in season 2 (if it were to happen).

Speaking to Digital Spy , actors Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig talked about the possibilities of a second season. Amell said he was hopeful about the renewal,

I certainly hope so. I know that I didn’t sign a contract for just one season. We’ve had a lot of support thus far from Starz and Lionsgate… We certainly leave this season in a position where you want to know more. Frankly, I think this really plays like chapter one of something. So fingers crossed that people like it and that we can get back to work.

Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig

Oh, man. I mean, honestly, if I were a betting man, I’d say we were going to have another season – and then some. I think that wrestling is such a funny one. It’s got such a mass appeal, actually beyond America. So in Japan, it’s really big, and in all these other places in the world. I don’t think there’s any limit to where the show could go.


Going forward, the series could explore much more about Jack’s situation with Ace, with Staci, and all the other relationships he needs to mend. Then there’s Crystal’s future as DWL’s new Face and how Jack can push his league further or where Ace will go from here.

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