How Are Loki And WandaVision Connected To Dr. Strange 2?

How Are Loki And WandaVision Connected To Dr. Strange 2?

Marvel kicked off its phase four with the Disney+ series WandaVision, and the mind-boggling finale episode sets the stage for Doctor Strange 2. Loki’s season finale added yet another wild variable to the pre-existing equation of absolute insanity! Or should I say madness of multiverse? (Pun intended)

But how are Loki and WandaVision connected to Doctor Strange 2?

Kevin Fiege earlier confirmed in an interview with Comicbook that Loki and WandaVision will be tied to the sequel – Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness.

So, it’s safe to assume that both the Disney+ series will at least connect to the upcoming movie. Of course, the best-case scenario would be Wanda the Scarlet Witch and Strange the Sorcerer Supreme teaming up with Loki the God of Mischief himself!

Furthermore, a report from The Hollywood Reporter suggests that Loki is expected to appear in the Dr. Strange sequel.

So how does it all come together?

Marvel hasn’t revealed anything, but a theory is that in Doctor Strange 2, Loki will time-hop in the fractured timeline while Wanda searches for her sons Billy & Tommy, and Dr. Strange will try to fix the multiverse.

Alright, I know that’s a wild theory but let’s start putting the pieces together one by one, shall we?

Loki Finale Episode

In the season finale, we see Sylvie kill the Time-keeper, aka He Who Remains, and once again fractures the timeline. This time for good, or maybe not? Loki tries to warn Mobius and Hunter but instantly realizes that he’s in a completely different timeline!

How are Loki and WandaVision connected to Dr. Strange 2?
He Who Remains | Source: IMDb

He Who Remains warned that there will be multiple timelines, realities, and absolute madness if not for him and the TVA.  And that’s precisely what is happening.

Marvel hasn’t officially confirmed that Loki will be in Dr. Strange 2. But considering how Loki left things with Sylvie and Mobius, it is expected that he would try to reach out to them and go back to his timeline.

We don’t know how long that would take or how many realities Loki has to go through before reaching his own. And there’s a good chance he might bump into Doctor Strange too (the from our timeline).

Loki has redeemed himself with this series and will be pretty helpful to Doctor Strange since he knows so much about the time and how it works. Here’s hoping that we see this villain turned anti-hero put his mischief to some good use.

WandaVision Finale Episode

Wanda Vs Agatha Harkness

WandaVision’s finale was quite dramatic, both from an emotional and story standpoint. In the final battle, Agatha Harkness tells Wanda that she is a Scarlet Witch whose powers are way beyond the Sorcer Supreme’s, and she is destined to destroy the world.

In case you had forgotten, previously, The Ancient One was the Sorcerer Supreme, but after her, it’s Dr. Strange who has taken her position and vowed to protect the world. So Agatha is indicating that the Scarlet Witch is more powerful than Strange himself.

In the second post-credit scene, we see Wanda, now the Scarlet Witch, in an isolated cabin, reading the cursed book of spells known as The Darkhold, learning about chaos magic.

Initially, when Dr. Strange started learning about the different kinds of magic, he too was interested in what was forbidden. In fact, The Ancient One had also taught him that it is best not to know what is unknown to him. Another important lesson that might play a role in the sequel was that a threat to the multiverse is one of the most dangerous ones.

Coming back to Wanda, while she is reading the book, she hears the voices of Tommy and Billy, who cry for help. And the screen turns dark!

How are Loki and WandaVision connected to Dr. Strange 2?
Dr. Strange 2 | Source: Fandom

Clearly, WandaVision is directly connected to Dr. Strange 2. The Scarlet Witch is said to appear alongside Strange as they traverse through the multiverse of madness. Though Strange was always interested in Time magic and Wanda is into Reality magic, the two currently coincide due to the fractured timelines creating multiple realities.

How Are Loki And WandaVision Connected?

WandaVision Episode 9 Post Credit Scene

In case you haven’t connected the dots yet, it’s rather simple, at least in my theory. When Sylvie kills He Who Remains, a multiverse is created. At the same time, Wanda hears the voices of her two kids Billy and Tommy, who never really existed in this timeline but only in the Westview Hex.

So, put two and two together and see that Tommy and Billy are from another timeline/universe created by Sylvie.

How It All Might Unfold In Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness?

So all these individual plotlines have a common thread called the multiverse. Each of them might traverse through it for their own purposes, and here’s where their paths would cross. Though Strange and Wanda are directly connected, it is Loki who might make an appearance as well.

How are Loki and WandaVision connected to Dr. Strange 2?
Loki and Mobius | Source: IMDb

Loki would want to go back to Sylvie and Mobius because he had finally found two people whom he would never cheat and lie to.

Wanda, on the other hand, is perhaps still suffering from the trauma of the End game. After all, WandaVision didn’t exactly end on a happy note. So now, by hook or crook, she has to reach her kids. The only problem with that is there might be more than one version of them.

Finally, as ambitious as Doctor Strange had been in the first film, he had begun to understand the seriousness of the timeline and became a devoted protector. There are theories that he will try to get a deeper understanding of the time stone, the timeline, and the multiverse.

Hopefully, that understanding helps him because he’s going to have to save the multiverse from collapsing.

The three paths might converge, and we’ll be in for a roller coaster ride of madness!

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