Who is Soldier Boy in The Boys? How did he die?

Who is Soldier Boy in The Boys? How did he die?

The Boys Season 3 premiered last week with its first three episodes, and we’ve already been introduced to a bunch of new characters. However, the most fascinating and important of them all is the supe, Soldier Boy. He’s like the legend whose death no one talks about and is a well-kept secret like so much else at Vought.

While the boys have killed supes a few times now, starting with Translucent in season 1, it’s still a rare deed. However, currently, they are after the secret behind Soldier Boy because his death could lead them to a weapon that could kill Homelander once and for all.

But who exactly is Soldier Boy? How did he die?

Soldier Boy is the first and greatest superhero who helped America win World War II. Although Grace Mallory says he died in a 1984 mission, he is alive. His death was a cover-up story to hide something bigger and more sinister.

Soldier Boy is often compared to Homelander in the comics, and even in the TV series, he’s called the strongest superhero ever. This is essentially what piques Billy Butcher’s interest, and he goes in search of the story.

Butch’s motive was simple – To find out how Soldier Boy died in 1984 because if the most powerful supe died, there’s a chance Homelander could die too. After all, Billy’s quest for revenge hasn’t ended yet.

Who is Soldier Boy in The Boys? How did he die?
Soldier Boy | Source: Fandom

Until now, little about Soldier Boy has been revealed in season 3 and whatever we know about him is because of Grace Mallory. She is currently taking care of Ryan (Becca’s child) and was a CIA operative. In 1984 she was stationed in Nicaragua as the mission in charge. This was the same mission from which Soldier Boy never returned.

Soldier Boy was the leader of Payback, the strongest group of superheroes, much before The Seven was introduced. In 1984, they were part of a joint mission between the CIA and Vought. While Grace Mallory led the CIA’s side, Stan Edgar led Vought’s side.

The mission itself is a conversation for another day, but there are two essential things to note here. First, the camp was attacked by the enemies who had brought Russian special forces along with them. It was a bloodbath, and even the supes were struggling to fight.

In fact, the damage done was so bad that supes like Black Noir (Also part of Payback) ended up getting critically injured. Swatto (Another member) tried to fly away but got blasted with what looked like a missile.

Second and more importantly, after the attack was over, Crimson Countess (Another member of Payback) came running toward Grace and yelled that Soldier Boy was killed. Now, this shocked her because it was 1984, and supes getting killed was the last thing humans had heard of. So, the thought of the invincible Soldier Boy getting killed was unimaginable.

Who is Soldier Boy in The Boys? How did he die?
Soldier Boy | Source: Fandom

Crimson also mentions how the Russians had some sort of weapon that killed Soldier Boy, and they had taken his body. This is all we know about Soldier Boy and his death.

However, there’s a theory that this is a cover-up story. There’s a chance that Soldier Boy was either captured by another party to further experiment on or research. This could be the Russians or someone who disguised themselves as the Russians.

The Boys Season 3 trailers have shown Soldier disconnecting some wires from his body while having unkempt hair and beard. This further affirms the theory that he was experimented on in some form. We also see him walk the streets of America in the current time, indicating that he isn’t dead.

Could this mean that Butch might not find that weapon that could kill Homelander this season? Possibly so, but we have to wait and find out.

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