Voldemort’s Survival After Quirrell’s Death

Voldemort’s Survival After Quirrell’s Death

Professor Quirrell’s death in the climax of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone stirred up many questions. But one of the most crucial ones was how Voldemort survived after Quirrell’s body burned and turned to ash.

When Quirrell reaches out to Harry, the latter simply touches the Professor’s hands, and it almost instantly turns to ash. Harry realizes this and touches Quirell’s face; thus, the villain dies.

However, after we see dust rising and forming the shape of the Dark Lord’s face, we see the apparition pass through Harry’s body. This leaves us wondering how Voldemort managed to survive and escape.

Lord Voldemort had divided his soul into multiple objects and turned them into Horcruxes. When Quirrell turns to ash, Voldemort leaves his body, turns into the spirit form, and escapes.

Voldemort’s Survival After Quirrell’s Death
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Right from the first film, the concept of Horcruxes was hinted at. While this secret is only revealed at the end of Half-blood Prince, we see it in play in earlier films such as Sorcerer’s Stone and, more importantly, Chamber of Secrets.

Voldemort was in a weak state and hence existed as a spirit. He needed a host to be able to finish his job as the Dark Wizard, hungry for power.

Voldemort’s Survival After Quirrell’s Death
Professor Quirrell | Source: IMDb

So, when he encountered Quirrell and found that he was a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts, Voldemort latched onto him. While he could simply bend the Professor to his will, he thought it was necessary to be attached to him.

One of the main reasons for this was that Quirrell was weak. Voldemort wanted to always be with him and ensure that he followed all his instructions right to the T.

Until the end, Voldemort stays with him to retrieve the sorcerer’s stone. But when he realizes how Harry’s mother’s magic still exists in his blood and protects him, Voldemort dispossesses Quirrell’s body and escapes.

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