All the Easter Eggs You Might’ve Missed in the Peacemaker Premiere

All the Easter Eggs You Might’ve Missed in the Peacemaker Premiere

Peacemaker just dropped its first three episodes on HBO Max and the premiere marks yet another one of James Gunn’s solid DC projects.

As is the case with superhero movies/series, Peacemaker is filled with sneaky Easter eggs and references. So, if you were distracted by Christopher Smith’s (John Cena) bare ass and abs in multiple instances, here’s everything you might’ve missed.

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Peacemaker.

1. Aquaman

Time and time again, people love to remind Peacemaker that he is not a “real hero.” It starts with the very first hospital scene where the janitor Jamil calls him out on not being the superhero type. Who does Jamil admire? Aquaman. And Peacemaker has, as some might call it baseless, secret information about Arthur Curry where he blatantly accuses the superhero, “Aquaman f*cks fish.”

All the Easter Eggs You Might’ve Missed in the Peacemaker Premiere
Aquaman | Source: IMDb

Jamil, of course, jumps to the superhero’s defense. It’s hilarious he named Aquaman as an example of a real hero considering DC had to try for decades to make him look like the cool guy and shed his underdog image. Thank you, Jason Momoa!

2. Batman

This claim may or may not be an exaggeration but can one seriously talk about DC without ever mentioning Batman? When Peacemaker is on his way to his dad’s apartment, a neighbor calls him a bad guy and questions his superhero status.

For the neighbor, it’s Batman who’s a true vigilante. Peacemaker does not take this comparison well, and in the series’ true fashion, they cuss each other out before his dad opens the door for him.

3. Bruce Wayne

Another Batman Easter egg comes when Viola Davis’ Amanda Waller makes a short cameo via a video call. As she’s instructing new recruit Leota (who also happens to be her daughter) on what to do next, we see a tiny diary that she has to plant into Peacemaker’s trailer somewhere he wouldn’t be able to find.

All the Easter Eggs You Might’ve Missed in the Peacemaker Premiere
Batman | Source: IMDb

We see the diary for a split second, and it has the ‘Wayne Foundation’ name and logo on it. This seems fishy but maybe it’s just Waller taking extra precautions to keep the fish on the hook, given how badly the last mission went for her.

4. The Suicide Squad

Besides the quick recap that we get in the beginning, explaining how Peacemaker landed in the hospital, there are plenty of TSS/Task Force X mentions throughout the episodes.

All the Easter Eggs You Might’ve Missed in the Peacemaker Premiere
The Suicide Squad | Source: IMDb

The first being Waller’s relation with Leota—even if she doesn’t have much screen time, it’s been established that she’s running the game.

Another one is when Peacemaker, in a very pitiful-to-watch scene, tries to mold himself according to his father, and tells the story of Bloodsport’s fear of rats, and also mentions Ratcatcher. Later on, we also see the scar on Chris’ neck from when Bloodsport shot him.

Rick Flag’s death is also mentioned a couple of times. Peacemaker at first seems like he is proud of having killed Flag, but later as we get to see a more emotional side of him, he’s quite devastated by Flag’s death. After all, he was a good guy!

The sacrificial attack at the beginning of TSS left most of the supervillains dead, but the post-credit scene showed that Weasel somehow survived the raining bullets. In one of the scenes, John Economos mentions Harley Quinn and Weasel in a bid to insult Peacemaker. Chances are, the team knows the creature is alive. As the show has made it clear plenty of times that Peacemaker can be tracked with the chip in his brain, they probably spotted Weasel the same way.

5. Peacemaker and His Various Accessories

The first mention of a Jetpack comes when Clemson Murn and the team go to Chris’ trailer to brief him about Project Butterfly. Although he doesn’t have to fight a Mothra, Peacemaker demands a jetpack—a tiny nod to the comics where he has one.

All the Easter Eggs You Might’ve Missed in the Peacemaker Premiere
Peacemaker | Source: IMDb

His helmet also gets some modifications and different versions. When Peacemaker visits his father, Auggie Smith, to get back Eagly, he asks him for another helmet. His father reveals a dozen helmets stacked up in his lab. He adds that they all have different functions.

Peacemaker chooses a Sonic boom helmet, which he quickly has use for at the end of the episode. Episode 1 post-credit scene also shows a tall fin one, and his father asks Chris whether he’d be willing to wear it as it can give him scabies, and a man must have scabies once in his lifetime.

6. Eclipso

You might’ve had to squint your eyes really hard for this one. The supervillain is seen on Peacemaker’s dartboard. Gunn had himself confirmed it was him when fans had spotted the poster in one of the show’s trailers.

All the Easter Eggs You Might’ve Missed in the Peacemaker Premiere
Eclipso | Source: Fandom

7. White Dragon

Peacemaker’s dad, Auggie, is confirmed to be the White Dragon. Totally opposite to his son, Auggie is a white supremacist. A Nazi concentration camp commander in the comics, by giving him the title of White Dragon, the series shows the contrast between his and Peacemaker’s ideologies. This is hinted at in the first episode where Auggie tells Chris to take out “Blacks and commies.”

8. Bat-Mite

This one is another provocation from John Economos where he mentions he’d rather work with Bat-Mite than Peacemaker. So now that the interdimensional imp exists in the DCEU, his connection to the “Super” villain Mister Mxyzptlk makes one wonder whether it’s overreacting to take this as a sign of Superman’s return.

9. Doll Man

Peacemaker mentions this DC hero in Episode 3. Doll Man, also known as Darrel Dane, can shrink to the size of a doll. His mention presumes that Peacemaker has met him in the DCEU sometime before his arrest and imprisonment in Belle Reeves.

10. Evergreen City

The Evergreen PD rushing to the crime scene where Peacemaker blows up the Butterfly, Annie, reveals where the series takes place. It’s a DC Comics city called Evergreen which first appeared in 1967’s Green Lantern #53.

11. James Bond

This one is an honorable mention as Leota and her wife have a long discussion about Bond’s 1983 film Octopussy, even joking about naming their future daughter after Maud Adams’ character.

James Bond | Source: IMDb

Now, give peace a f*cking chance and stream the first three episodes of Peacemaker on HBO Max while you wait for the next Thursday!

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12. About Peacemaker

Peacemaker is an upcoming DC Extended Universe series which will delve into the past of the titular character, who’ll make his cinematic debut in James Gunn’s DCEU film, The Suicide Squad (2021). The character will be portrayed by John Cena, who will reprise his role in the HBO Max series.

Other cast members include Steve Agee, Danielle Brooks, Robert Patrick, Chris Conrad, and Chukwudi Iwuji among many others.

James Gunn will also helm the HBO Max series and has announced a tentative release date for Peacemaker to be in January 2022.