Hit-Monkey Renewed for Season 2 Almost A Year After Its Premiere

Hit-Monkey Renewed for Season 2 Almost A Year After Its Premiere

Hit-Monkey has officially been renewed for a second season in Hulu after almost a year of its premiere. No official release date has been announced yet.

Hit-Monkey is a Marvel series (but non-MCU) that revolves around the unlikely bond between the ghost of an American assassin and a Japanese snow monkey. After Hit-Monkey’s tribe gets brutally massacred, he joins hands with the ghost of a hitman, Bryce, to take revenge for the death of his tribe and Bryce.

Hit-Monkey Renewed for Season 2 Almost A Year After Its Premiere
Hit-Monkey | Source: IMDb

Though the series was initially labelled as a non-MCU Marvel series, the ‘Marvel’ tag has been removed from the show for its next season.

The official Twitter account for Hit-Monkey recently announced the news of the show’s renewal with a video. Check it out here –

Season 2 will see the return of the show’s lead cast from season 1, including Sudeikis, Tatasciore, Ally Maki and Olivia Munn. Leslie Jones will also be joining the cast in an unknown role. The series will be produced by 20th Television Animation.

Though it seems like dropping the Marvel connection is a big step, the show never really required the Marvel reference. The plot of season 1 was quite self-explanatory and did not have any connection to the Marvel universe at large.

The show has a unique concept and can be seen as a standalone adult animated series. It is similar to shows like Archer rather than other Marvel TV shows. Apart from Hit-Monkey, other shows which had been planned as a partnership between Hulu and Marvel Television include MODOK, Howard the Duck, and Dazzler.

Hit-Monkey Renewed for Season 2 Almost A Year After Its Premiere
MODOK | Source: IMDb

Though MODOK’s season 1 aired in 2021, Howard the Duck, and Dazzler were canceled even before there premiere. MODOK had a deep connection with the Marvel universe, which is why it was never renewed after its first season. Thankfully for Hit-Monkey, it was able to drop its Marvel connection which led to its renewal.

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About Hit-Monkey

Hit-Monkey is an animated series by Marvel and Hulu based on the superhero of the same name. Hit-Monkey first appeared in Marvel Comics in 2010 and was created by Daniel Way and Dalibor Talajić.

The Hit-Monkey cast stars Jason Sudeikis (Ted Lasso) as Bryce, ghost of the dead assassin-cum-mentor, George Takei (Star Trek, Mulan) as politician Shinji and Olivia Munn (X-Men: The Apocalypse) as Akiko, Shinji’s niece.

The plot revolves around a Japanese snow macaque, Hit-Monkey, who has incredible killing skills, on a quest for revenge with his mentor Bryce. The assassin was sheltered at Monkey’s clan, but the people after him ended up slaughtering everyone in the village, thus making Monkey swear upon revenge. Through the Yakuza underworld, Hit-Monkey will kill anyone in his path, while political drama unfolds in the bakground.