The Patient Episode 6 Ending Explained: Alan’s Desperate Hail Mary

The Patient Episode 6 Ending Explained: Alan’s Desperate Hail Mary

Last week, The Patient took a dark turn, as Episode 5 ended with Sam killing Elias in front of a devastated and shocked Alan. This week’s episode introduces the therapist’s therapist and an interesting new turn for the show after it crosses the midpoint.

Episode 6, titled “Charlie,” introduced Alan’s therapist, though only in his mind. The episode focuses on a different kind of breakdown in Dr. Strauss’ mind, varying from a couch session with his dead therapist and being stuck in a Nazi gas camp. But the end is what is more interesting, which we’ll dive into in a bit.

The Patient Episode 6 Ending Explained:
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The turn in the show now focusing on Alan’s traumas, regrets, and mental mind space is a breath of fresh air to the viewers from Sam’s sociopathic therapy sessions. It also gives us an intriguing look into the therapist’s dissociative way of thinking and figuring out the best way to get out of the situation and help his deranged patient.

When Charlie argues that Alan may not be trying his best to escape, a plan forms in Alan’s mind to achieve both his goals—helping Sam and himself. Alan asks him to do away with Elias’ body as he has done with his other victims, and when Sam seems hesitant, Alan gives it a therapeutical spin.

He explains that this will help Sam empathize with Elias and his family and hopefully help him feel some guilt about his unhealthy behavior. 

Though Sam shows no initial remorse, he agrees to Alan’s plan and decides to not bury Elias’ body in his basement and instead leave it to be found. In doing so, Sam gives Alan a chance to make his own escape possible.

The Patient Episode 6 Ending Explained:
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Once the body is found, it will be autopsied and investigated as a murder case, and counting on that, Alan hastily scribbles a note outing Sam as the most plausible suspect. Alan could not help but also sneak in a last message to his children, a last goodbye and exclamation of love, in case he did not make it out alive after Sam was caught.

As the ominous last message indicates, Alan realizes that even if Sam ends up getting caught or sent on the path of healing, he himself might not survive. Sam’s lack of emotion upon seeing Elias’ dead face also spells less hope for his psychological revival.

The Patient will be back with Episode 7 on Hulu on October 4, 2022.

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The Patient is an American psychological thriller limited series created by Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg for FX on Hulu. Premiering on August 30, 2022, the series consists of ten episodes.

Therapist Dr. Strauss is kidnapped and imprisoned by his patient Sam who needs him to find a therapeutical solution to help him stop his homicidal tendencies.

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