She-Hulk Ep 8 Ending Explained: Intelligencia Strikes Again

She-Hulk Ep 8 Ending Explained: Intelligencia Strikes Again

After waiting so long, there was nothing more rewarding than seeing Daredevil in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. I would love to gush about his fight sequences or even his chemistry with Jen. But no matter how much we were tickled by Daredevil’s “walk of shame,” the rather cute episode ends with a big ugly explosion.

So what exactly happens at the end of She-Hulk episode 8?

At the Southern California Law Awards gala, while Jen is being felicitated on stage, a video of her having sex with Miller gets played on screen. An enraged Jen Hulks-out, only to be stopped by some DODC Agents. 

We really poked the belly of the beast this time, and there’s no telling how it will play out in the season finale of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. One thing is clear—Intelligencia is a way bigger villain than we previously thought it to be.

What does Intelligencia really want from She-Hulk?

Like most She-Hulk episodes, Ep 8 too seemed to have an independent plotline that involved Jen representing Leap Frog/ Eugene Patilio, whose family is an important client at GLK&H.

Since Patilio’s case is about the malfunction of his superhero suit, Jen finds herself unwittingly going against Jacobson, and his lawyer, Matt Murdock.

All with having her own client mess up the case and even turn villainous for a bit, Ep 8’s plot line wraps itself up quite neatly ten minutes before its run time. When Jen breaks the fourth wall, musing over what possible big event could hail in the season finale, it’s almost like she’s asking for trouble.

She-Hulk Ep 8 Ending Explained: The Intelligencia Strikes Again
Jennifer Walters attends the Southern California Law Awards gala | Source: IMDb

She finally attends the Southern California Law Awards gala, only to realize that she’s not the sole winner of the Female Lawyer of the Year award. (The award being given to ALL female lawyers, almost like a participation award, is another nice bit of social commentary there).

As Jen accepts her award, the screen behind her starts playing a video of her having sex with Miller, which was filmed by him. The revenge porn is courtesy of Intelligencia, who want to “expose” Jen/She-Hulk for who she really is.

The confusion, humiliation, and anger cause Jen to lose control, destroying property and scaring the gala attendees. (We all know that rage is what makes a Hulk go boom!) She even goes chasing behind someone she thinks to be Miller but is stopped and surrounded by agents of the Department of Damage Control.

DODC being on the scene is never a good thing. They’re usually there to throw superpowered individuals into glass cases that they can’t get out of. So if that’s Intelligencia’s goal, they’ve certainly come close to it.

While on the surface it seems like Intelligencia is nothing but an online incel group, their roots run deeper in the comics. All their horrible antics ultimately lead to the creation of the Red Hulk.

Noting how Jen offhandedly teased the possibility of a Red Hulk showing up, could this be Intelligencia’s main goal? I’m sure the season finale will reveal it all.

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