What Did Rupert Say to Nate in Ted Lasso Episode 10?

What Did Rupert Say to Nate in Ted Lasso Episode 10?

In the latest episode of Ted Lasso, we had a surprise visit from Rupert, Rebecca’s ex-husband, at her father’s funeral. He came along with his wife and daughter and wanted all the attention to himself. Clearly, he can’t even leave funerals alone.

However, his return could mean more than just an annoying presence. Last season, he tried to sit in the owners’ box by making Bex, his then fiance, buy a stake in the team. Thanks to Ted, that didn’t happen.

So, does his return mean trouble for Richmond? Especially because we see him talk with Nate briefly before he leaves. So, what did Rupert say to Nate in Ted Lasso Episode 10.

Will Sam Obisanya leave Richmond FC?
Nathan Shelley | Source: IMDb

Nate’s insecurities and fears have brought out a different side of him this season. We’ve seen him feel like he doesn’t belong in the team, like he isn’t respected enough, and more. Essentially even the nicest gestures from the equipment boy make him feel like he’s being mocked.

In a way, it is pretty evident that he is the weakest link in the team when it comes to team dynamics, despite having a brilliant mind for tactics and game strategy.

Rupert being Rupert, would’ve easily sensed this and would want to use this opportunity to break the team and its morale once again. After all, he’s always after Rebecca and her team, which is now practically an unofficial family.

So, there are two main possibilities in this scenario:

Rupert Is Trying to Poach Nate for His Newly Owned Club

Rupert fleetingly mentions how he sold the Richmond AFC shares and wanted to gift the liquidated amount to Rebecca as a funeral gift. Now, this might seem like an innocent gesture, but what if there’s more to it.

Ted Lasso: Ted Meets Rupert

There’s a theory that Rupert sold Richmond AFC’s shares to buy a rival club. Rupert may intend to poach Nate and make him the head coach of the rival club. Rupert might have either whispered a mere compliment to get Nate’s attention or directly mentioned that he wanted to discuss an opportunity. He could then go on to make him the head coach of the team.

Rupert Is Just an Attention-Seeking Ass

Ted Lasso. Dart Game

Rupert loves attention. Especially the attention that is stolen. He did it at the charity, tried it when Ted and Rebecca were at the bar, and now at Rebecca’s Dad’s funeral.

He loves presenting himself when Rebecca is not at her best and making her even more uncomfortable and unsure of herself. You could see him right from the beginning getting everyone’s attention to her daughter.

Now, when we come to him whispering something to Nate, he might’ve paid him a compliment just to make him feel good about himself and hence feel good about Rupert. Perhaps there’s nothing more to the moment.

However, this sounds less probable because Rupert always manages to do more than just annoy everyone.

Will Sam Obisanya leave Richmond FC?
Ted lasso | Source: IMDb

Well, Episode 11 is just a few days away, and I’m going to let this question haunt me and leave me sleepless like Ted. ‘Cause who needs sleep when they need answers.

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