Superman and Lois: Is Morgan Edge the Eradicator, General Zod or both?

Superman and Lois: Is Morgan Edge the Eradicator, General Zod or both?

In Superman and Lois S2, Clark begins getting painful visions, and he turns to an imprisoned Morgan Edge, a fellow Kryptonian, to uncover what it means. Edge is as dubious as ever and under the excuse of helping Superman, he tries to escape but fails.

Although he is currently imprisoned, I bet you’re wondering if he really is the Eradicator or not? 

In Superman and Lois, Morgan Edge is revealed to be Superman’s half-brother Tal-Rho. Unlike popular theories, he isn’t General Zod, but in S1 episode 13, he (reluctantly) turns into the Eradicator as part of his father’s plans to restore the Kryptonian race.

Edge was S1’s big villain, but he seems to have taken a backseat in S2. Still, there’s a chance that Edge may have a comeback later this season. As we know, the showrunners have teased multiple threats in store for the Super family. So, if you’re like me and need a quick refresher on which personas he has adapted, read on:

How did Morgan Edge turn into the Eradicator in Superman and Lois?

When we find out in season 1 that Morgan Edge is actually Superman’s half-brother, Tal-Rho, we also learn that his super ambitious (evil) plans are to restore the Kryptonian race, using his father Zeta-Rho‘s directions.

Superman and Lois: Is Morgan Edge the Eradicator, General Zod or both?
Morgan Edge | Source: Fandom

How does he do this? With the help of a handy device called the Eradicator! 

Now, in the comics, the Eradicator has had a long and complex history. It used to be an uncompromising AI, programmed to preserve Kryptonian culture and society. Later on, it even got a humanoid form with powers akin to Superman. He was sometimes a villain, and other times, a misunderstood anti-hero.

So far, Superman and Lois’ Eradicator device seems to only have the ability to transfer a deceased Kryptonian’s consciousness into humans. Edge uses this to raise an army of Kryptonians to defeat Superman and eventually take over.

However, Zeta-Rho wanted him to go a step further, by sacrificing himself and becoming the Eradicator. Edge despises the plan because it may erase his identity altogether. But when he is captured and locked in a Kryptonite chamber in S1 episode 13, has no other option but to give in to the Eradicator.

At the end of season 1, Edge is finally vanquished and locked up, but as we see in season 2, he lies to Superman about losing his powers. He may be tied down now, but I have a feeling this is not the last we see of Morgan Edge’s Eradicator.

Does General Zod appear in Superman and Lois?

General Zod does appear in Superman and Lois but not as an independent character. This is explained in S1 episode 13, where Edge plants Zod’s consciousness into Superman.

Superman and Lois: Is Morgan Edge the Eradicator, General Zod or both?
Clark Kent | Source: IMDb

What happens is, Edge wanted Clark to pledge his allegiance to the restoration cause. When Clark is weakened after finding and using the Eradicator to reverse Edge’s “subjeks,” Edge threatens to harm his family if he doesn’t comply.

Of course, Edge can’t just trust Clark’s word, so he transfers Zod’s consciousness into the hero to keep him in line. In the next few episodes, Superman is able to break free from Zod’s control and dispel him out.

Now I’m unsure if this meant that Zod and consciousness are gone forever, or if it went back into the Eradicator — still waiting for the show to smooth that wrinkle.

Does the Arrowverse have two versions of Morgan Edge?

While a version of Morgan Edge appears in Supergirl season 3, he is not the same character in Superman and Lois.

Superman and Lois: Is Morgan Edge the Eradicator, General Zod or both?
Morgan Edge | Source: IMDb

I know what you’re thinking: if Supergirl and Superman and Lois are set in the same shared universe, how can there be two Edges? It’s all thanks to the crossover episode, Crisis on Infinite Earths, that introduced the Arrowverse’s multiverse and then developed a “merged” Earth-Prime.

Neither show have explicitly acknowledged this character change, but it is majorly accepted because of the crossover event, Superman is dealing with a different version of Edge.

In some ways, this may be a deliberate “reboot” since fans did not enjoy Edge on Supergirl, who came across more like a cartoonish villain. And I have to agree — like most things that Superman and Lois got right, Morgan Edge’s suave but sinister character is one of them. 

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