Documentary on Stan Lee Will Hit Disney+ in 2023

Documentary on Stan Lee Will Hit Disney+ in 2023

In 2018, the world lost a comic book legend who birthed characters such as Spider-Man, the X-Men, Silver Surfer, Black, Panther, and Iron Man. Yes, we’re talking about Stan Lee, and in honor of his legacy, Marvel just announced an original documentary that will hit Disney+ in 2023.

Before his death, Stan Lee had starred in multiple Sony, Fox, and Disney movies, shooting cameos in films centered around superheroes he’d created for his comics. The writer touched many lives, and we commend Marvel on taking up to celebrate 100 years of Stan Lee and his works that changed the face of comic books and cinema forever.

The announcement came on what would have been the legend’s 100th birthday, with a small strip of clips of his best cameos in the MCU on Twitter, which announced that the original documentary will be out on Disney+ sometime in 2023.

You can view the announcement teaser below:

The comic creator’s documentary will cover the events that led to him becoming one of the world’s most renowned and celebrated comic book writers. We all know the story but with the power of visuals and old footage it will surely be a tale worth revisiting.

Marvel Announces Stan Lee Documentary Will Hit Disney+ in 2023
Stan Lee

The documentary has much material to cover apart from old interviews and videos of the legendary writer. It can focus on his early life, where his passion for reading and writing earned him a job in a small family-publishing house called Timely Publications, which later grew into Marvel comics. 

We can get behind the scenes from when Lee was on the move of creating these comic book characters that challenged the norms of the comic industry, which would go on to shape the face of the entertainment industry in the future.

Marvel Announces Stan Lee Documentary Will Hit Disney+ in 2023
Stan Lee in Black Panther

Stan Lee led a rich and fulfilling life up to the age of 95, and his works will forever be remembered after they’ve been immortalized in memorable comics and films. The MCU is largely based on Lee’s work, so it makes sense why Marvel would want to honor their beginning and the person they owe for their most profitable franchise.

Stan Lee: The Documentary will hit Disney+ in 2023.

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