HBO Max Chief Confirms The Come Back of Native Apple Tv+ Player.

HBO Max Chief Confirms The Come Back of Native Apple Tv+ Player.

Andy Forssell, the builder of HBO Max, replied to a customer stating that Native player is on its way back and they are fixing all the problems that is being faced by the Apple users recently.

Native players are the ones who can monitor system resources and media playback and reset the device if necessary to avoid failures, frozen images, or error screens. 

After the ongoing issues related to the app update, which broke the HBO Max controls buttons, HBO Max was trying to fix this problem.

Apple users started saying that the playback was a mess and were confused about how an update can make basic playback functionality borked.

However, yesterday a user, Houston, who is a radio DJ, warned them to fix the problems related to AppleTV or else they’ll lose all their apple user.

HBOMaxHelp replied to the tweet apologizingly, that they are well aware of the bad experience that the users are facing, and they’ll fix this.

While ensuring the fixes, the head of HBO Max, Andy Forssell, said that the Native Player is on its way back and they have learned from their mistakes, and they don’t have any excuse for whatever happened.

After seven hours, at 8:27 a.m., Houston tweeted thanking the head of HBO Max to fix the problem and was also surprised that it was rapid to fix this.

Apple TV+ content is available exclusively through the Apple TV app. You can watch on your Apple TV set-top box, iPhone, or iPad, as you might expect.

Source: Twitter