Netflix’s Newly Launched Online Store Is Coming to Canada

Netflix’s Newly Launched Online Store Is Coming to Canada

Netflix’s newly launched online store is coming to Canada. The streaming service, which boasts about 208 million subscribers, was founded in 1997 and has held the reigning position in its field ever since against its competitors. With a wide variety of content, Netflix has become the masses’ go-to streamer, and for a good reason.

Variety recently reported that the platform had opened its first retail outlet called, which would cater to its audiences (and now buyers) by selling merchandise for their shows. Now, after having become operational in the US, it seems to be making its way over the border to Canada.

Although an official date hasn’t been announced yet, the outlet is bound to be launched soon. Netflix has been selling subscription-based products to customers since its genesis more than two decades ago, but with, it aims to focus on selling its products directly.

Of course, the streamer already has licensed deals to sell hundreds of their products based on original programming by Amazon, H&M, Sephora, Target, Walmart, and other retailers. In light of that, the purpose of rolling out this initiative has been questioned by many.

However, Netflix’s VP of consumer products, Josh Simon, put them to rest by stating that the new website is [quote]

“an exciting new destination combining curated products and rich storytelling in a uniquely Netflix shopping experience.”

Josh Simon

It is also being called a

“new way for fans to connect with their favorite stories.”

Josh Simon

Announcing the site, Simon also wrote in a blog post that the store would be selling exclusively limited editions of

“carefully selected, high-quality apparel and lifestyle products tied to our shows and brand on a regular basis.”

Josh Simon
Netflix’s Newly Launched Online Store Is Coming to Canada
Netflix Online Store | Source: Netflix

Furthermore, the shop would be partnering with independent designers and other established outlets on crossover clothing pieces and show-inspired merchandise and art like toys and figurines.

In other words, the goal of this new enterprise is to create a separate corner for superfans of original content with a secondary benefit of pulling in additional revenue. Products releasing this month are merch based on the anime Yasuke and Eden, as well as decorative items and limited edition apparel inspired by the French thriller series Lupin.

Furthermore, the store would also be releasing products based on The Witcher and Stranger Things and a collab with Japanese fashion house BEAMS.

Some of those designers and collaborators include Jordan Bentley, Nathalie Nguyen, and Kristopher Kites. Simon further mentioned in the same blog post that the store

“will first be available in the US before expanding into other countries around the world in the coming months.”

Josh Simon

So all the Canadians out there, buckle up and keep your credit cards ready because this is the only shopping spree to look forward to this summer.

Source: Variety