‘Peacemaker’: First DCEU Streaming Series Set for 2022 Release

‘Peacemaker’: First DCEU Streaming Series Set for 2022 Release

Warner Bros. has confirmed that James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad spin-off series, Peacemaker, will be released in 2022 on HBO Max. The John Cena-led series was created by Gunn and will star the pro wrestler as the titular DC character.

According to Deadline, during Warner Media’s spring upfront presentations, the company confirmed that Peacemaker would make its debut on HBO Max in 2022. This puts the release window closer to The Suicide Squad‘s theatrical premiere, which will build up more interest for the antihero’s standalone narrative.

An official release date, though, has not yet been revealed by Warner Bros. However, back in February, content chief for HBO and HBO Max Casey Bloys told The Hollywood Reporter during an interview that Peacemaker would be coming out in January 2022. This news was also confirmed by director James Gunn who reiterated the same in an Instagram story earlier this month.

Peacemaker: First DCEU Streaming Series Set For 2022 Release
Casey Bloys | Source: IMDb

Check out Bloys’ full statement to THR here: 

“I just started to get involved with the DC content in August [2020]. Peacemaker is one of the first shows I greenlit and one of the first shows out, in January 2022. It’s a great example of what HBO Max can do with DC content, in that we’re producing at a level we haven’t seen DC content on TV do thus far.”

Casey Bloys

As the first DCEU series to come out on the streaming service, Peacemaker will have to meet some fan expectations. The franchise has seen a resurgence in popularity during the past six months, thanks to the release of Wonder Woman 1984 and Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and now, the anticipation for The Suicide Squad is also looking up.

Considering the MCU’s collaboration with Disney+ has been very successful for its current Phase Four slate, Warner Bros. may follow the same path for the DCEU’s future, provided Gunn’s Peacemaker comes up successful. With upcoming films like The Flash and Aquaman bringing back many old characters, and newer projects like Black Adam and Zatanna in the works, there are a lot of exciting directions the DCEU could venture to.

Peacemaker: First DCEU Streaming Series Set For 2022 Release
‘Peacemaker’ Poster | Source: IMDb

But regardless of the trailblazing pressure, Peacemaker is a much less risky project for DC, as its titular antihero is relatively unfamiliar to fans of the franchise. Although actor John Cena already has a massive fan following, the success of the upcoming show will depend on his ability to ensure that the new character is embraced by viewers with open arms. Fingers crossed!

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About Peacemaker

Peacemaker is a DC Extended Universe series that will delve into the past of the titular character, who’ll make his cinematic debut in James Gunn’s DCEU film, The Suicide Squad (2021). The character will be portrayed by John Cena, who will reprise his role in the HBO Max series.

Other cast members include Steve Agee, Danielle Brooks, Robert Patrick, Chris Conrad, and Chukwudi Iwuji among many others.

James Gunn will also helm the HBO Max series for its second season.