Peaky Blinders S6: Where is Oswald Mosley now?

Peaky Blinders S6: Where is Oswald Mosley now?

Oswald Mosley was set up to be Peaky Blinders S5’s biggest villain. Yet, in the new season premiere, the fascist advocator is all but missing in action. We know that for some reason the IRA had decided to save his life. But will this guarantee his return to the show?

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Peaky Blinders.

As per the latest Peaky Blinders S6 promo, Oswald Mosley will be appearing in episode 2 after being saved by the IRA from Tommy’s assassination plans. It is expected that he will once again cross paths with Tommy.

I’m pretty sure you have a lot of questions, especially about what role will he play in season 6 and why the IRA decided to cross Tommy and keep Mosley alive. Let me explain it all here:

Mosley will appear in Peaky Blinders S6 Episode 2

We have a new promo to gear us up for episode 2, which clearly shows that Mosley will be returning as a threat to Tommy. We also get a peek at Alfie, who will please fans with his return.

Peaky Blinders S6: Where is Oswald Mosley now?
Oswald Mosley | Source: IMDb

We know that one of (sober) Tommy’s many ventures is to move about his Chinese opium. But even then, episode 1 did not shed a lot of light what exactly his other plans are.

When it comes to Mosley, there are a lot of things we don’t know: Is he aware that Tommy was out to assassinate him? Is he actively working with the IRA? How will Tommy’s current plans clash with his? Will he once again be S6’s main villain?

Season 6 is set in 1934 which is still a few years ahead of Mosley’s arrest in 1940. At this point, he’s working to rally people up for his party British Union of Fascists. I’m really looking forward to what parts of his real life make it to the show and how they innovate the rest.

Why did the IRA stop Mosley’s assassination?

Now it feels like the IRA were being unnecessarily ruthless by not just stomping on Tommy’s assassination plans, but also killing his men and Aunt Pol.

Peaky Blinders S6: Where is Oswald Mosley now?
Peaky Blinders | Source: IMDb

In real-life, Mosley was sympathetic to the IRA and believed Ireland should have an independent rule. Whether this was a farce to win favor and votes is still debated, but it would make sense why the Peaky Blinders-IRA want him alive. He’s an influential man to have on their side.

Captain Swing also tells Tommy that Polly was his “crutch” and her absence will surely reform the Peaky Blinders. (She’s not wrong). But the move is also to make Tommy come to his knees, understand the power the IRA has over him and make him think twice lest another loved one is hurt.

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Peaky Blinders season 6, which is also its last, will premiere on February 27 on BBC One.