Here’s How Peaky Blinders Will Bring its Iconic Run to an End

Here’s How Peaky Blinders Will Bring its Iconic Run to an End

It pains us all to know that Peaky Blinders’ TV show run is down to its last two episodes. Although this may not be the ultimate finale to the Birmingham mob’s tale, it is certainly a goodbye of sorts.

Still, I can’t help but notice how slow S6’s pace is and that it has given us absolutely no clue about how it will wind up the series. From all the range of possibilities, here are a few predictions about what may go down in the last two episodes.

Peaky Blinders S6 may end with Tommy’s impending death. A few other plotlines that may be explored/resolved is Gina’s affair with Mosley, Arthur’s addictions and Ada as the Peaky Blinders’ matriarch setting up the upcoming movie/spin-offs.

Tommy’s Impending Death

Show creator Steven Knight said that Peaky Blinders S6 will end with the sirens of WWII blaring. That’s in 1939. But our current episode 4 is still in 1933. With Tommy given only a year to 18 months to live, how is he going to make it to the end?

Here’s How Peaky Blinders Will Bring Its Iconic TV Show Run to an End
Peaky Blinders | Source: IMDb

Some fans believe that either Tommy’s tuberculoma is a false call or one that will have a historic medical surgery performed on it. In either case, the bet is on Tommy Shelby walking out of S6 alive. This could very well be the case since he is confirmed to be part of the Peaky Blinders movie.

However, if we’re just being subjected to red herrings, Tommy could pull through some major damage on his opponents like Mosley, Jack Nelson and Michael before his timely demise in S6. Ironically, he could die because of his Peaky Blinders operation by a bullet instead of a tumor.

Tommy’s fate has always been one of the show’s biggest unresolved questions and it’s important now more than ever.

Gina’s Affair with Mosley Will Come to Light 

Gina’s no saint, and everyone except Michael knows that. I know he’s capable of making plenty of cocky decisions on his own but Gina’s influence over him only makes it worse. It’s also why he’s estranged from the only family he has.

Here’s How Peaky Blinders Will Bring Its Iconic TV Show Run to an End
Mosley | Source: IMDb

Sooner or later, Michael is going to learn who the real Gina is. But will this bring him to his senses and help reconcile his relationship with Tommy and the Shelbys? Or, will he be fueled to win over Gina and Jack Nelson even more?

Gina’s affair with Mosley is now in a precarious situation. Not only has she been coerced by Tommy to spy on Mosley, but we also know that historically, Mosley will be arrested a little before WWII. 

It will be interesting to see what fictional twists Peaky Blinders provides to this mix.

Arthur May Become Sober

This is one storyline I am dying to expand on. The show so far has been building up quite a lot on how crippling Arthur’s addition is, which you can definitely see in his hunched stance and hollow face. 

We’re now at a crossroads of what this could mean for Arthur. There’s no two ways about it — it’s either going to get worse and Arthur will meet his faithful end, or this could be the start of his sobriety journey, which is no easy task either.

Here’s How Peaky Blinders Will Bring Its Iconic TV Show Run to an End
Arthur | Source: Fandom

The way Arthur’s encounter with Hayden Stagg was played off makes me believe it will be the latter. Arthur tends to make a lot of foolish decisions and gives into rage because of his insecurities and the shortcomings he thinks he has.

But his past doesn’t mean he cannot try to be a man with a stronger conviction, who will at least try to overcome his addiction. Here’s to hoping.  

Ada May Become the Peaky Blinders Matriarch

Although Ada declared she couldn’t replace Pol, there still is a chance that she may rise to the matriarch’s position. She’s level-headed and has firm principles she believes in, even if they don’t exactly align with what the Peaky Blinders enterprise does.

Here’s How Peaky Blinders Will Bring Its Iconic TV Show Run to an End
Tommy and Ada | Source: Fandom

If we are to theorize that the end of the show is the end of Peaky Blinders as we know it, making way for newcomers or younger characters like Finn, Charlie and others to take over, there’s a possibility that Ada may have a greater role to play in this “reboot.”

Her contribution could be more ideological in nature, as WWII will drastically change the world order.

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About Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders is a British period crime drama television series created by Steven Knight. Set in Birmingham, England, the series follows the exploits of the Shelby crime family and their leader Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy) in the direct aftermath of the First World War.

The fictional family is loosely based on a real urban youth gang of the same name, active in the city from the 1890s to the early 20th century. It stars Cillian Murphy, Sam Claflin, Aidan Gillen, Helen McCrory, Paul Anderson, Finn Cole, and Tom Hardy

Peaky Blinders season 6, which is also its last, will premiere on February 27 on BBC One.