Ray Fisher’s Cyborg Cameo Removed from The Flash after Clash with WB

Ray Fisher’s Cyborg Cameo Removed from The Flash after Clash with WB

The disagreement between Cyborg-actor Ray Fisher and Warner Bros. has reached an impasse, forcing Fisher to leave the franchise. The actor had previously accused Joss Whedon and other executives of Justice League (2017), of exhibiting “gross”, “abusive” and “unprofessional” behavior, during the filming of the movie. His accusations had prompted a long-drawn exchange of blame and an investigation, which concluded recently.

Last October, Fisher had told Forbes in an interview that among other things, Joss Whedon had tried to digitally alter an actor’s skin tone when Justice League was in development. He had further gone on to say that then-DC Films President Geoff Johns and producer Jon Berg did not take any action against Whedon, even after his behavior was brought to light.

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Ray Fisher as Cyborg in Justice League | Source: IMDb

Whedon had denied the claim through a representative.

In 2018, Walter Hamada took over as the President of DC Films. About Hamada, Fisher had said, “Walter Hamada chose to insert himself into this situation by trying to throw Joss Whedon and Jon Berg under the bus to protect Geoff Johns.” Hamada had then said that he would elevate the actor’s concern to Warner Media so that they could investigate the matter.

A third-party investigation was held on Fisher’s request but according to a statement by Warner Bros., Ray Fisher had not participated in the discussions with the investigator. The production company brought the matter to a close with another statement on December 11th, where they said that “remedial action” had been taken.

Possibly as a response to this, Joss Whedon has left HBO’s The Nevers, citing concerns for his personal wellbeing and exhaustion. Ray Fisher stated that he would not be a part of any other DC film in a tweet shortly after.