New Storyboard of Riddick 4 Teases the Return of Vin Diesel’s Character

New Storyboard of Riddick 4 Teases the Return of Vin Diesel’s Character

Riddick 4: Furya has a new storyboard and it reveals a first look at the return of Vin Diesel’s character. Furya, the fourth installment of the action franchise, has been in development for a long time now. Diesel has contributed to hyping it with tiny details and reveals throughout.  

The franchise first began with Pitch Black (2000) where Diesel starred as the antihero Riddick. The franchise later gained cult classic status and has since then released three feature films, one TV series, and three video games. 

In 2014, Vin Diesel confirmed that a fourth Riddick movie has been in development. He also later revealed the Furya title and hinted that the film will focus on Riddick’s origin story.  

Recently, Diesel shared new storyboards of Riddick 4: Furya on Instagram that shows the return of his character. In the pictures, the character seems to be wearing a spacesuit, with glowing eyes and an anxious look.  

Diesel’s post did not reveal much about Furya, but he does seem pretty adamant about making Riddick 4 happen. There is, however, no hint of filming beginning anytime soon.

The images do connect to what Diesel said about Riddick 4 focusing on his origin story. It features the mention of a boy whose eyes shine like Riddick’s, which could connect to his origin story and introduce many others who are like him, perhaps.  

New Storyboard of Riddick 4 Teases Vin Diesel’s Character Return
Vin Diesel in Riddick | Source: IMDb

Once Diesel finishes his work in Fast and Furious 4, filming or pre-production could begin. Considering Diesel’s excitement, he would definitely update us further.

You can watch Riddick on Amazon Prime Video.  

About Riddick 4: Furya

Riddick 4: Furya is the fourth movie installation in The Chronicles of Riddick franchise. The movie is developed by Vin Diesel (also starring as the film’s Richard B Riddick) and writer-director David Twohy. Riddick 4’s release date is yet TBA.

The Chronicles of Riddick is set on a deserted planet plagued by monsters that hunt at night. Riddick who crashes onto the planet during transit between prisons, joins the crew attempting to kill the monsters and escape to his home planet Furya.