Cults, Voodoos, Sabrina: Riverdale S6 Switches Its Full Supernatural Mode On

Cults, Voodoos, Sabrina: Riverdale S6 Switches Its Full Supernatural Mode On

Time to cry, scream, bawl your eyes out and more, because Riverdale season 6 has deep-dived into the supernatural like never before.

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The CW released the trailer, and it’s much spookier than we could have ever imagined – it even has the time-traveling teenage witch, Sabrina.

Every second of the Riverdale season 6 trailer is filled with supernatural elements; it’s more confusing than the love rectangle we’ve seen in the past five seasons.

Cheryl is now a cult leader, declaring that they “must return to the ways.” Well, if they did, she and the cult would also be burned at stake, just like her ancestor. But after seeing her dabble in magic at the end of season 5, this jump is definitely very-Cheryl like.

Cults, Voodoos, Sabrina: Riverdale S6 Switches Its Full Supernatural Mode On
Veronica | Source: IMDb

Reggie and Veronica are talking about a literal Devil (and we think we already have a glimpse of him), we wonder if there is one in the upcoming season. Not everything is going right with this couple, too, as they’re seen embroiled in a nasty fight.

Then we also have a mysterious Betty creepily saying, “There’s nothing more I want than to have your baby,” and then trying to make it happen not on a sofa or a bed but a very ritualistic-looking table.

The trailer shows multiple supernatural elements – right from voodoo dolls, symbols, creatures to blood splatter on Betty’s face.

The biggest surprise is Sabrina popping up at the trailer’s end, with her usual charming smile and a red cloak.

Cult leader Cheryl says, “Look what the black cat dragged in,” making us sure that there’s definitely something more spooky and wrong awaiting the Riverdale town.

Riverdale | Rivervale Trailer | The CW

Riverdale and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina are both based on their comic counterparts and have frequently interacted with each other in it. But to have the live-action series bring back one of the most beloved witches is what fans are excited about.

Back in September, showrunner Aguirre-Sacasa teased the start of the production with a creepy poster and “Who will live and who will die?”; fans couldn’t imagine the length of supernatural stuff the show would go into.

They have a clue now. Riverdale season 6 will return to The CW on November 16.

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It follows a group of high school students who are shocked by the death of a classmate, Jason Blossom. Together they unravel the secrets of Riverdale and who killed Jason. 

Riverdale cast includes Archie Andrews (KJ Apa), who lives with his father, Fred (Luke Perry), who’s separated from Archie’s mother, Mary (Molly Ringwald). Archie’s best friends are Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart) and Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse).

Cole Sprouse’s grungy Jughead is the show’s narrator and school reporter who almost acts like its ‘Gossip Girl’ — documenting the characters’ lives and filling in the blanks for us.

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