‘Snyder Cut’ Available a Week Early Owing to HBO Max Goof-up

‘Snyder Cut’ Available a Week Early Owing to HBO Max Goof-up

A part of Zack Snyder’s Justice League got leaked on HBO Max a week before its scheduled debut in a surprising turn of events. The hour-long edition of the movie was wiped out once HBO Max realized the error.

Some HBO Max subscribers were left stunned when they tried to watch the 2021 film Tom and Jerry, and Zack Snyder’s Justice League started playing instead.

The movie is supposed to be released on Thursday, March 18. However, it arrived 10 days early for some HBO Max subscribers. In an announcement, HBO Max notified its viewers that the movie had been accessible on the streaming service temporarily, and the error was handled within minutes, reported The Hollywood Reporter.

Fans were surprised when various social media posts disclosed that HBO Max had accidentally published it a week early. The movie was apparently uploaded in place of Tom & Jerry, as interpreted in social media posts.


Commenting about the incident, Doug Bass of Charlotte, North Carolina, said to The Hollywood Reporter that he was startled to watch The Snyder Cut on a Monday afternoon. He had intended to play Tom and Jerry in the background for noise while he worked, but Doug said that he saw an incredible hour-long movie instead.

However, Doug and others, who posted about this mistake with a screengrab or clip, were later asked by Twitter to take the posts down.

According to The Verge, it is uncertain if this error was region-specific or worldwide.

Whether or not this incident will be interrogated is doubtful at this point. It’s disappointing that in the middle of the fans’ enthusiasm for Zack Snyder’s Justice League, having waited for it for more than three years, it underwent this major goof-up. A big reason why HBO Max greenlit the endeavor is that they realized the enormous demand for it.

Snyder Cut Available a Week Early Owing to HBO Max Goof-Up
Justice League | Source: DC Comics

Understanding fully well how significant the film is to many, it’s unusual it wasn’t governed with more care to prevent a leak.