Burnham and Crew Face The Qowat Milat In New Star Trek: Discovery Teaser

Burnham and Crew Face The Qowat Milat In New Star Trek: Discovery Teaser

Star Trek: Discovery will premiere episode three of season four on Paramount+ this week, and the series’ official Twitter account has shared a preview teaser of what’s to come.

Episode 3 will debut on Paramount+ on Thursday, December 2 and its title, Choose to Live, is a direct reference to the phrase spoken by the Qowat Milat.

Fittingly, the tweet mentioned the Romulan warrior nuns and that this episode will find “the crew on the business end of a Qowat Milat blade.”

The teaser gives us a look at one of the members of Qowat Milat, ready to cross swords with the Discovery crew. The warrior warns the crew, “Come after me… and your lives are forfeit.” However, Michael Burnham is not the kind to sit still if someone threatens the crew. So, now Burnham is looking for a killer.

Burnham & Crew Face The Qowat Milat In New Star Trek: Discovery Teaser
Qowat Milat | Source: Fandom

The Qowat Milat were first seen in Star Trek: Picard, and as both these shows take place in the Primary timeline, these characters are bound to interlap. This roots the Romulan fighters well ahead of Picard as the first two seasons of Discovery were set ten years before Star Trek: The Original Series.

The preview for the episode mentions Paul Stamets must stop the anomaly with the help of the science team before it kills more individuals.

In last week’s episode, the crew discovered the anomaly that destroyed Kwejian and is threatening the galactic civilization, which is dangerous and defies predictable patterns.

Besides the short clip, Startrek.com also shared 18 new first look images/stills from the episode.

The synopsis for the episode reads:

Burnham and Tilly hunt the killer of a Starfleet officer as Stamets and the science team race against the clock to prevent the anomaly from killing anyone else.

Star Trek: Discovery premieres new episodes every Thursday on Paramount+ in the U.S.

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