‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Writer Confirms Season 4 Scripts Are Complete

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Writer Confirms Season 4 Scripts Are Complete

Star Trek: Discovery showrunner Michelle Paradise confirms, via a new tweet, that the writing for Season 4 has officially been completed. Work on Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 continues, and with the completion of the script, one major milestone has been achieved. With the scripts completed on the last remaining episodes, we know that Season 4 won’t be held up by writing delays at least.

Showrunner Paradise posted an update on Friday confirming the entirety of the season has been written. “A long journey to type these words. But here they are…” Paradise wrote and attached a picture of the final words of what must be the Season 4 finale script: “End of season four.”

Check out Paradise’s tweet here:

Paramount+’s first Star Trek series is still going strong ever since its debut in 2017, with Season 3 wrapping up at the start of 2021.

Star Trek: Discovery took the franchise into a brand-new territory after two power-packed seasons, by launching its own character, led by Sonequa Martin-Green’s Michael Burnham, into the 32nd century.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 will keep newly minted Captain Burnham in the future along with her crew as the Federation attempts to rebuild around them.

However, as per the first Season 4 trailer, which has been removed, they will have to contend with a strange new threat, one that isn’t actually a living being. With that in mind, it looks like Star Trek: Discovery will continue to push the franchise into fresh territory.

Discovery Writer Confirms Star Trek Season 4 Scripts are Complete
Star Trek: Discovery | Source: IMDb

A premiere date hasn’t been given just yet, though the trailer said it would arrive in 2021.

Aside from its strange new threat, much of Season 4’s story remains a mystery. Once the filming and post-production take place, new details about what lies ahead for Star Trek: Discovery may finally emerge.

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