Disney Launches $5000 Drink after Star Wars Easter Egg

Disney Launches $5000 Drink after Star Wars Easter Egg

A beloved but underrated scene in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back is getting some spotlight because Disney has created a $5000 cocktail after it! 

The abstruse scene where Willrow Hood makes his speedy escape with what seemed like an ice-cream maker had gained a cult-like following, even scoring an action figure. Now, the scene has inspired a new drink, but this is not the first time the contraption has popped up apart from the 1980 film.

Disney Launches $5000 Drink After Star Wars Easter Egg
Star Wars Cocktail | Source: Fandom

The three-second scene has picked up its popularity rate after its significance has been reiterated in the Star Wars franchise. 

In Season 1 of the Star Wars Series The Mandalorian (2019), a scene made a subtle reference to Willrow and his machine with a more explanatory backstory. It is called a Camtono, according to show creator Jon Favreau, and it’s used to store valuable items, much like the Beskar featured in the 2019 TV series.

After this cameo, the Camtono has made appearances in other Star Wars stories, the most recent being The Book of Boba Fett.

Disney has used the Camtono’s growing popularity to introduce a new product in the market—a Camtono that stores a $5000 cocktail called Kaiburr Crystal. Visitors can buy the expensive drink at the Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge on the new Disney cruise. Now, wouldn’t that be an experience worth retelling years from now in a galaxy far, far away?

Ashley Carter, a journalist at Spectrum News 13, shared a video of Camtono carrying the Kariburr Crystal, and here’s the original tweet:

The truth behind the mystery of the high price tag on the drink has not yet been shared by Disney, but the functional Camtono surely has some part to play. It can also be correctly presumed that the ingredients used to create the actual drink may be of the highest grade or just ridiculously overpriced.

Disney Launches $5000 Drink After Star Wars Easter Egg
Star Wars | Source: Fandom

But the hefty price will not stop dedicated fans on the cruise ship from buying the drink to simply live in the moment and add a memorable experience to their memory.

The Kaiburr Crystal is certainly a great way to pay homage to the now famed scene featuring Willrow Hood. And with the Camtono popping up in more recent Star Wars stories, the item is definitely up there with more recognized objects from the Star Wars universe, like Holocrons and Wayfinders.

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