STARZ’s Heels: Will Crystal Become the Face?

STARZ’s Heels: Will Crystal Become the Face?
There's nothing more satisfying than watching a woman achieve her goals through sheer hard work and talent.

If you’ve been following STARZ’s Heels, you know that Crystal is the underdog of the show. She has her goals and aspirations but as we noticed throughout the first few episodes, she had been put down and mistreated on multiple occasions.

Since episode 1, she has shown an innate interest in wrestling and many times shown that she is good at it. But in “Heels” women do not provide a face to the sport in Duffy Wrestling League (DWL).

Crystal is constantly overlooked when she tries to bring up her ideas for the script. She was even blatantly ignored by Jack and Ace, after she flips a guy (who kept provoking the wrestler siblings) to the ground. It was a badass move, come on. She totally deserved appreciation for that.

But a notion about Crystal being in the ring sprang up when she says “I’m not just a valet, I can wrestle” when Willie asks her to leave the locker room meant for the guys.

So, will she ever get to wrestle in the show? You can rest assured that everything seems to be going in the right direction.

Crystal will become the face of Duffy Wrestling League (DWL) with Ace and Jack being the heels. Crystal (Kelli Berglund) and exec. producers Michael Waldron and Mike O’Malley hinted that she’ll be at the top of the ladder by season finale in a zoom panel for the TV Critics Association.

STARZ's Heels: Will Crystal Become The Face?
Michael Waldron | Source: IMDb

I wanted the audience to be rooting for her. She’s at the bottom of the ladder when the show starts. And in the writers’ room, we always talk about, well, how fun would it be to end the season with her literally at the top of that ladder?

Michael Waldron to the panel

Waldron also added that he wanted Crystal to be the “heartbeat” of the show and wants the audience to be rooting for her. Which already appears to be happening.

It’s not wonder that Kelli Berglund (Crystal’s actor) fell in love with the character. She told the panel that Crystal is a character who knows her game and doesn’t need others to approve of her. Which is badass, not gonna lie.

‘Wrestling Training’ Ep 1. Clip

She does know what she’s talking about and she knows that and almost doesn’t necessarily need the validation of everyone else. I think she just wants to be recognized for something she’s good at and something that she loves.

She just wants to succeed. All these characters have a dream and especially with the way that Crystal is treated, we want to see that happen for her.

Kelli Berglund

Crystal’s story may not be the main focus of the show, but it is powerful nonetheless. There is nothing more satisfying than watching a character facing and fighting against all the challenges and rise to the top. 

STARZ's Heels: Will Crystal Become The Face?
Crystal and Bobby Pin | Source: IMDb

Crystal’s journey from an underdog to the top-dog will be pretty fascinating to watch. I look forward to Crystal becoming the Duffy Wrestling League (DWL) equivalent of the real-life WWE Women’s League. Stay tune for more!

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About Heels

Heels is an American drama television series created by Michael Waldron that premiered on August 15, 2021, on Starz.

Two brothers and rivals, one a villain, or “heel” in professional wrestling, the other a hero, or “face” play out scripted matches as they war over their late father’s wrestling promotion and vie for national attention in small town Georgia.