Who is the unbeatable Supe in The Boys: Homelander or Soldier Boy?

Who is the unbeatable Supe in The Boys: Homelander or Soldier Boy?
SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from The Boys S3.

As awesome as a season 3 of The Boys is on its own, there’s no denying that having Soldier Boy and Payback on board is only making things better. Soldier Boy is being introduced as “Vought’s Homelander before Homelander” but as he hasn’t appeared on screen yet, it’s difficult to understand what that means.

Is he as strong as Homelander, or stronger? How valuable was he to Vought and how did he “die”?

As per the comics, Soldier Boy is not as strong as Homelander. As a parody of Captain America, he does not have any super powers other than strength. Besides this, he was not considered smart or a fit leader.

In the TV show, Vought’s WWII poster boy Soldier Boy apparently died in 1984 in Nicaragua during a CIA mission under Mallory’s orders.

Since Soldier Boy still hasn’t officially debuted on The Boys yet, we don’t know if the show will change any of his core qualities. To prepare ourselves for what is possible, here’s a little dive in his comic book origin, powers and how it might play out on-screen.

Soldier Boy’s Comic Book Origins and Powers

Soldier Boy was introduced in The Boys’ 2009 miniseries, Herogasm. He’s a direct parody of Captain America without the dignity or intelligence of the character. But, of course, he has a shield.

Who is the unbeatable Supe in The Boys: Homelander or Soldier Boy?
Soldier Boy | Source: Fandom

When compared to Homelander with his super durability, strength, flight and baby blue laser-piercing eyes, Soldier Boy falls short because all he has is enhanced strength. On top of this, even his team describes him as cowardly and the biggest idiot of all time (both in the comics and the show).

If we had to think of positives, Soldier Boy has immense experience on field (in contrast to Homelander who’s the newest member of The Seven) and is trained well with weapons.

Despite this, most people would agree that Homelander is stronger than Soldier Boy. In fact, Soldier Boy would agree himself since he does suck up to Homelander quite a lot in the comics and even begs to be a part of The Seven.

But even though Soldier Boy may not come close to some of the other supe’s super powers, he still gives Homelander tough competition for being the “best” supe.

This is because he has been marketed as the WWII supe that fought for American against communism. Those are big shoes for Homelander to fill. Since we know that in The Boys, propaganda is what makes the world go round, Soldier Boy doesn’t need to be stronger than Homelander — folks just need to believe that he is.

Soldier Boy in The Boys S3

The Boys does not adapt the comics word for word, so even with all the background provided above, you should be prepared for any major changes.

Who is the unbeatable Supe in The Boys: Homelander or Soldier Boy?
Homelander | Source: IMDb

In many promo interviews it has been disclosed that Soldier Boy’s personality will be altered to make him seem worse than Homelander (if that’s even possible!) Besides this, they may also change his story arc.

We already know that the narrative of him being dead is a lie, and speculations have it that Soldier Boy may have defected America in order to work for the Russians.

Right now, Butcher is still digging up more information on him and may find that he’s still alive and just the right solution to end Homelander!

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