The Boys Season 3: Release Date, Time, and Where to Watch

The Boys Season 3: Release Date, Time, and Where to Watch

The hype around the supes has been at an all-time high! The Boys season 3 is back, and we can’t wait to watch Butch and the gang butcher more superheroes or, should I say, villains. With newer characters and a crazier Homelander, season 3 looks bigger and better than ever.

So, if you have questions such as, “What time is The Boys season 3 coming out?”, “Where can I watch The Boys S3?” or anything along those lines, fret not, for I’ve got all the details. Let’s get to it.

The Boys season 3 will premiere on June 3, 12:00 AM PDT on Amazon Prime with three episodes. You can watch/stream subsequent episodes on the platform every week at 12 AM PDT.

What PDT time does The Boys Season 3 Drop on Amazon Prime Video?

The Boys S3 will premiere on June 3, 12 AM PDT, on Amazon Prime Video. Since the TV series is exclusive to Prime, no other streaming platform will be showcasing the title.

The Boys Season 3: Release Date, Time, and Where to Watch
The Boys | Source: IMDb

Will The Boys S3 episodes be released weekly or all at once?

The first three episodes of The Boys S3 will premiere together on June 3. The subsequent episodes will be released on the Amazon Prime Video on a weekly basis. So the release schedule will look like this:

The Boys Season 3: Release Date, Time, and Where to Watch
The Boys | Source: Fandom
  • The Boys season 3, episodes 1-3 – June 3
  • The Boys season 3, episode 4 – June 10
  • The Boys season 3, episode 5 – June 17
  • The Boys season 3, episode 6 – June 24
  • The Boys season 3, episode 7 – June 31
  • The Boys season 3, episode 8 – July 8

The Boys S3 Episode Runtime

Usually, every episode of the tv series lasts anywhere between 55 to 68 minutes. So, it is safe to assume that the runtime of episodes in season 3 would be about the same, whereas the mid-season episode and the finale might be slightly longer.

The Plot: What to Expect from The Boys S3

According to the plot synopsis, the show picks up one year after the events of season 2. It’s been relatively peaceful for everyone, including the Homelander, who seems to be pretty civil, to say the least. Butcher is working under Hughie as a government official, which is poetic.

The Boys Season 3: Release Date, Time, and Where to Watch
The Boys | Source: IMDb

However, when the gang hears about an anti-supe weapon, they go after it starting an all-out war with the Seven. But there’s more. This time around, there’s a legend of the Soldier Boy, the first-ever supe, and it’s safe to say Butch and lot might come face to face with him, even if it’s just for a few moments.

I guess this is the epitome of the phrase “Boys will be boys!” They just can’t keep out of the trouble no matter how much they want to. In fact, Hughie, who would love nothing more than to stay away from the blood and bones, is also drawn to it.

With that being said, I have a hunch that season 3’s writing would be much tighter and crisper than season 2. Season 2 had its moments of lull and underwhelming aspects, but the writers might have tightened the screws just a bit. I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.

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About The Boys

The Boys is an American satirical superhero streaming television series developed by Eric Kripke for Prime Video. Based on the comic book of the same name by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, which was originally published by DC Comics under their Wildstorm imprint before moving to Dynamite Entertainment, it follows the eponymous team of vigilantes as they combat superpowered individuals who abuse their abilities.

The show is a satirical take on the superhero genre and showcases a world where superheroes are corporatized and controlled by companies. What happens when these superheroes step out of line and rub some boys the wrong way, is the story.