The Last of Us S1 Episode 2: Release Date, Recap, and Speculation

The Last of Us S1 Episode 2: Release Date, Recap, and Speculation

Episode 1 featured Joel’s first loss to the outbreak, and the second episode marked his second loss as Tess sacrifices herself to buy Joel and Ellie time to escape. After being bitten, she had nothing to lose, and now her dying wish to get Ellie safe will carry Joel forward.

Ellie came face to face with the horrors she was protected against this far, and she will face more dangers, but at least she’ll have Joel to protect her. After the State House bombing, they have to move further West to the next Fireflies outhouse, and they’re in for a long and tense journey. What will happen in the next episode?

Episode 3 Synopsis/Speculation

After episode 2’s tragic end, Joel may have a sturdier reason to protect Ellie, considering it was the dying wish of Tess that Joel delivers her to the Fireflies. The next episode will show Joel and Ellie moving to meet Bill and Frank, as advised by Tess in her dying moments.

The next episode may start with another flashback detailing how the Fireflies ended up with the theory that Ellie will be their saving grace, which we’ve yet to see. We might also get some more emotional scenes from Pascal’s Joel, who’s stuck to “grumpy” in 2023.

The next episode’s title and trailer have yet to be made public, but we’re expecting more action-filled scenes coming our way in episode 3. But since the show is supposed to highlight Joel and Ellie’s growing relationship, we can expect some upcoming highs and lows.

Without Tess, we can expect Joel to shut Ellie out, but something will change in the forthcoming episodes, and he’ll begin to save her, not only because she’s cargo. 

But we’ll try to keep our expectations to a minimum since the game’s voice actor who played Joel has promised all our theories will be useless and surprises are coming our way.

The Last of Us S1 Episode 2: Release Date, Recap, and Speculation
Joel and Ellie

Episode 3 Release Date

Episode 3 of the The Last of Us series has been released on Sunday, Jan 29, 2023 at 6:00 pm PDT.

The Weeks Ahead Trailer | The Last of Us | HBO Max

Season 1 Schedule

The Last of Us Season 1 Episode No.The Last of Us Season 1 Episode TitleDirectionTeleplayRelease Date
1When You’re Lost in the DarknessCraig MazinCraig Mazin & Neil DruckmannJanuary 15 2023
2InfectionNeil DruckmannCraig MazinJanuary 22 2023
3TBAPeter HoarCraig MazinJanuary 29 2023
4TBATBACraig MazinFebruary 5 2023
5TBATBACraig MazinFebruary 12 2023
6TBATBACraig MazinFebruary 19 2023
7TBATBANeil DruckmannFebruary 26 2023
8TBAAli AbbasiCraig MazinMarch 5 2023
9TBAAli AbbasiCraig MazinMarch 12 2023
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Episode 2 Recap

The Last of Us S1 Episode 2: Release Date, Recap, and Speculation
Tess Sacrifices Herself After She’s Bit

The episode begins two days before the Boston Outbreak in a lab with a mycologist brought in to investigate a curious case. Ibu Ratna figures there’s no cure for the Cordyceps-infected humans, and they need to bomb the city to ensure the outbreak is curbed.

Back in the present, Ellie discloses why she’s important to the Fireflies and why they insisted Joel and Tess take her West to their HQ. Joel refuses to believe the “hooey” and wants to take her to FEDRA and move on, but Tess figures they must keep their end of the deal in return for the supplies they need.

They move to the longer and safer path as Ellie tells them more about herself, but then they come across a lair of Clickers. In the fight that ensues, Joel takes care of Ellie, and they somehow make it out, heading to a more secure path to avoid the other infected who now know their location.

They reach the statehouse, where Ellie shows she’s been bitten yet again, and Joel figures a second bite is what it takes to turn her. But when Tess figures their luck has run out, Ellie points out it’s Tess who is infected and will soon turn. Though she’s never asked Joel anything, she asks one last thing before dying – to make sure Ellie reaches the Fireflies.

Tess asks Joel to take her to Bill and Frank while turning over every gas canister to sacrifice herself and earn Ellie and Joel the distraction they need to escape. Joel and Ellie run while Tess stays behind, and one infected moves to her, pushing his tendrils in her mouth just as she lights the place up.

About The Last Of Us

The Last of Us is an HBO TV series adaptation of the award-winning video game of the same name originally developed by Naughty Dog.

It is set in 2033, as a fungal infestation plagues humans, turning them feral and blind before finally finishing them off. The series follows Joel’s journey to escort an immune 14-year-old Ellie to the Fireflies, who hope to study her to procure a vaccine.

The cast comprises Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, both famed for their roles in Games of Thrones, along with Gabriel Luna, Merle Dandridge, and Nico Parker. The show was renewed for season 2.